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  1. Ryuuzi_Moritsuki

    Unreasonable account ban! Requesting immediately account unlock!

    I have sure checked my e-mail, I check my e-mail every day, but didn't see any email by wargaming told me that my account will be banned
  2. Ryuuzi_Moritsuki

    Unreasonable account ban! Requesting immediately account unlock!

    yes, it is very unclear, I have already submit a ticket to the customer support, but still no reply, they are always very slow
  3. Ryuuzi_Moritsuki

    Unreasonable account ban! Requesting immediately account unlock!

    But i didn't afk or cheating or botting, just play the game as nornal
  4. Unreasonable account ban!! Requesting immediately account unlock!! About a week didn't login to play the game. Today (Nov30), wanna to play few battle and buy the Japanese DD permanent camouflage before the 5.15 update, but find out my account has been banned, and can't login until Dec7. The reason has been told that is "Unsportsmanlike conduct - Inactive participation in combat", and I have completely no idea about this!! First, as a player I am always playing with quite aggressive style, Inactive participation in combat really is a unreal and nonsense reason, and you can see my battle data. Although I can't say that I am a outstanding player, but at least a average or good player, and my player Karma always keeping at above 20. My last game play was around Nov17 night, and that is everything ok, I played a few battle with friends, then played a few solo battle, nothing strange, didn't get any warning that I had been reported. (few screenshots of games at that night) (Hull A Bayern at Tier 8 room, not a good game for me, but still try to take damage as a battleship, I even had higher score than that Tier 8 North Carolina) (another game as Atago, strong team at opponent side, but try my best to take part in the battle) As a player sometime will had a bad game, but I don't see these few bad games is a reason that wargaming can ban my account. Beside, as a customer paid for playing a game, I had buy many premium ship. I have bought Mikasa, Yubari, Atago, Tirpitz, Scharnhorst, Lo Yang, Belfast. And this did't count the other things I paid for like Doubloons, port slot etc. I just want to say, can Wargaming ban a customer account without any persuasiveness reason or any reasonable explain? I think absolutely NO! Furthermore, if the player really break the rule and acting like that "Unsportsmanlike conduct - Inactive participation in combat". So, wargaming can ban a player account without any pre warning or any contact to told the player that his/her account will be banned? is this the best way to manage this king of banning issue? obviously not the best way. My last game play was Nov17 night, after that I didn't have spare time to play the game until today(Nov30), during this period wargaming didn't have any contact or email to notice me that my account has been banned. If I don't login in to the game today I don't even know my account has been banned. What a joke!! At last, what is the standard of "Unsportsmanlike conduct - Inactive participation in combat" that wargaming saying? nobody know. No player know the standard about how a player behave will be judge as "Unsportsmanlike conduct - Inactive participation in combat". Any other player maybe decide as a "Unsportsmanlike" player but they didn't know they are, and maybe you are the next one that will be banned. wargaming's unreasonable account ban is unacceptable!! I have been report this to the customer service, but they are too slow. So, I am requesting immediately account unlock at here!!
  5. 注意!無故罰停帳號!求立即解除無理的封停帳號! 差不多一週沒時間玩,沒有登入,今天(11月30日)想說登入去玩,並趁改版更新前購買日本驅逐的永久迷彩,竟然發現帳號在毫無先兆的情況下被封停,停號至12月7日,原因是Unsportsmanlike conduct - Inactive participation in combat,即是沒有體育精神的行為 - 不積極參與戰鬥。下?我完全沒法理解這原因何來。 首先,我自己一向的遊戲風格也是比較進取的,不積極參與戰鬥完全是沒有根據的指控,附上我的個人戰績數據,雖算不上一流的玩家,但是最少能說是平均左右吧。我的玩家karma也一直保持在20以上。 在我最後一晚(11月17日晚上 - 11月18日凌晨)的遊戲後,基本也沒有甚麼不妥的東西,一齊如常的,也沒有收到被舉報的提示。 (附上一些該晚的戰鬥截圖) (艦體A的Bayern,在8階房,玩得不好,但是也作為戰艦盡量吸收對方的傷害,比那8階的NorthCaroLina還要高分一點) (這局Atago,對方的組隊很強,雖然輸了但是也盡力參與戰鬥了) 雖然有時的發揮不太理想,但是我看不到作為一個玩家有幾場發揮不理想就要被封號的原因。 再者我作為一個顧客付了錢來玩遊戲,購買了的加值艦艇有 Mikasa,Yubari,Atago,Tirpitz,Scharnhorst,Lo Yang,Belfast,很多也是組合包的買,還沒算上其他的達布隆和港口位等,我作為顧客附了錢玩遊戲,wargaming卻在毫無合理解釋或理據的情況下作出這樣的封號停號行為,完全漠視顧客利益,完全不可接受 再者,即使玩家真的違反了他所說的Unsportsmanlike conduct,在毫無通知或預先警告的情況下把顧客的帳號封停的做法合理嗎?(重申:我肯定沒有所謂的不積極參與戰鬥或AFK)。我最後的一次遊玩在11月17日晚上,之後一直沒有空閒去玩,直今天11月30日有空去玩,登入的時候才發現帳號被封停了,期間wargaming完全沒有作出任何的電郵通知帳號會被封停或解釋為何會被封停,又是完全漠視顧客的行為。 最後,完全不知道wargaming是以甚麼標準來評定一個玩家他是沒有體育精神和不積極參與戰鬥?完全沒任何公開的標準,那麼任何一個玩家也可能在毫不知情的情況下觸及了wargaming的所謂這個標準,而下一個被無故封停帳號的可能會是你嗎? wargaming這樣的毫無理據封停帳號和低劣的運營手法絕對不可接受! 我已經先向客服回報了,但是wargaming的客服效率非常慢,現在在這裡要求立即解除無理的封停帳號!