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  1. I'd rather got 250 detonation flags rather than those upgrades actually, even 250 ramming flags feels preferable
  2. MusashiKid

    Adrenaline rush reload calculator

    Just saying, happened to me on my Fletcher which got AR got hit by torps at the bow, still alive but dying still got smokes I became a literal invisible gatling gun (2.1 sec reload ) that spits torps every minutes that is as soft as a cottonball it's very strong especially if you're an aggressive player, quite challenging to use but worth it
  3. MusashiKid

    FenrirApalis' End of Year Contest!

    Total Progress : 54pts 25/12/2016 : 6pts 1x Fireproof : 2pts 1x Dreadnaught : 3pts 1x Devastating Strike : 1pts 26/12/2016 : 5pts 1x Confederate : 4pts 1x Devastating Strike : 1pts 27/12/2016 : 6pts 1x Confederate : 4pts 1x Close Quarter Expert : 2pts 28/12/2016 : 4pts 2x Devastating Strike : 2pts 1x It's just a Flesh Wound : 2pts 29/12/2016 : 10pts 1x Dreadnaught : 3pts 1x Devastating Strike : 1pts 1x Close Quarter Expert : 2pts 1x Confederate : 4pts 30/12/2016 : 11pts 2x Close Quarter Expert : 4pts 3x Devastating Strike : 3pts 1x First Blood : 2pts 1x It's Just a Flesh Wound : 2pts 31/12/2016 : 7pts 1x Close Quarter Expert : 2pts 1x Fireproof : 2pts 1x Dreadnaught : 3pts 1/1/2017 : 5pts 1x Devastating Strike : 1pts 1x It's just a Flesh Wound : 2pts 1x Close Quarter Expert : 2pts Oh well, that's it
  4. MusashiKid

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    well, let Asia be the best server again XD Edit : weird, I still see those two achievements as transparent, oh well lol
  5. MusashiKid

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    and seeing that I saw some players here got 'Aiming? Too much Effort' in a DD or Atlanta, I think I got feeling it might actually either how long you aim at a target or maybe, hits with guns that got small caliber or maybe it got separate requirements like in a BB get 25 secondaries hits or in DD aiming for 25 sec or get hits 25 times? well, just wild prediction, take it with a grain of salt in my case though, I got it in my Bismarck at around 25th hit indeed
  6. MusashiKid

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    hmm, just saying, do the dimness of the achievements at the portal indicates how much our progress are to reach gold? since, only 'Tin Can' and 'The Hoarder' that still dim and the other achievements already look clearer
  7. MusashiKid

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    I think it's using signal flags cause I almost always using them for battle, and all of sudden I got it probably for 10 battles enough
  8. MusashiKid

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    For To the Bottom, you don't need to sunk the ship, just a hit with torp is enough I think
  9. MusashiKid

    tier by tier your favourite ships

    well, some just because tried in on PT server and not actually have it 1-3. none 4. Kuma 5. Furutaka 6. Farragut, Perth, Leander 7. Atlanta, Gneisenau, Fiji 8. Bismarck, Mogami, Benson 9. Yugumo 10. Montana, Khabarovsk
  10. MusashiKid

    CV manual Drop ? why

    Lets not forget how slow torpedoes from TB are,even with TA, and how far they drop it with auto drop, and then how low the maximum damage of one torpedoes compared to DDs, how long it takes to resupply them, and how bad fan-like spread are for long range and then, how big the spread of DB are when using auto drop (except Saipan I suppose) and then, how RNG can screw CVs planes easily when out of luck auto drop can be useful to make enemies maneuver to the direction and angle you want and you can manual drop to ensure more damage for TB, but without manual drop, it will be more praying than skill lol and then. with auto drop, BBs would be significantly harder to hit cause more RNG every attacks that CVs made need to be planned carefully and need to be maximized to assist the team removing manual drop will potentially remove that aspect of a CV
  11. MusashiKid

    About North Carolina and South Dakota

    ah, that sums the answer of my question well, thx
  12. Well, to start with, I'm not much of a history person, but since there's this thread it just got me thinking http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/20716-uss-alabama-on-the-way/page__hl__%2Balabama__fromsearch__1 in the past threads, I've seen people mentioning how South Dakota class have more fire power if compared to North Carolina class That piqued my curiosity and even though I'm not sure if it's correct or not (since found the info on wikipedia), I found at that South Dakota class got worse speed and had the same amount of guns as North Carolina class my question is, why South Dakota class was considered packed more fire power than North Carolina class? just curious Thx in advance
  13. MusashiKid

    Odd Moments in WoWs

    I got Close Quarter Expert too, in Perth, if that's count lol
  14. MusashiKid

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Well, somehow, I just can't bring myself to take other crate lol
  15. MusashiKid

    [unconfirmed] new skill tree?

    that Keen intuition, with the current description, it's just way too OP if it works like, you know, Target Acquisition Mod and of course, stack-able, it would be more balanced IMO but aside from that, if this is real, this could possibly open many new builds?