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  1. Davidious

    Pinkies in team lists

    Hi all. I have noticed that there are never pink names in the enemy team list. In my last match there were 4 pinkies on my team (including me - team kill via torp) and none displayed on the other side. I did ask in game chat but no real reply. I was wondering if it a display error or it is the way that teams are made as a penalty only on one side of the battle (not really fair to the non pinkies) Thanks .
  2. Davidious

    Sound effect when hit

    Could the voice over guy just say "OOPS" lolz
  3. Davidious

    Sound effect when hit

    Hi, I have noticed a new effect when I receive a major hit (probably a citadel). All sounds stop or sound like a pillow forced over my head (muffled). Even when firing shots. It feels like I have been punched in the face with a big puffy boxing glove. It lasts a few seconds and I don't like it. Is it a function that can be turned off ? Thanks
  4. Davidious

    YouTube channels

    Thank you
  5. Davidious

    YouTube channels

    I like to watch the Mighty Jingles and a few other you tubers however they are not on our server. Are there any channels that show replays from the SE server ?
  6. Davidious

    Smoke Mod not working for 0.5.7

    Hi, which mod is that part of ? I presume this shows you your own smoke screen so you know when you are covered and the area - something I am never sure about. Thanks
  7. Is here a cheat that allows a "player" tol survive on 1 HP. I have seen several and they dont seem to die when shots "appear to hit them" PLesae expand the brown stain and expunge all cheats.
  8. Davidious

    Public Test Server access issues

    Am I doing this correct ? Created a test portal acc, used my same name and email as real game, recd email etc - YOUR WARGAMING.NET ACCOUNT HAS BEEN CREATED opened the test portal, clicked download and now - It is downloading the 10,135MB- which at 1MB/s will take me 3 hours approx. Thank you
  9. Davidious

    Public Test Server access issues

    "To receive Public Test participant rewards, you will need to sign up using the same email address as the one used in the live server. These premium items will be rewarded to the players through a dedicated page after the Update 0.5.7's release."
  10. Davidious

    TeamMates Revealing Positions to enemy in chat

    So - when are they going to enable replays (without needing to do it ourselves)
  11. Davidious

    Noob with a problem.

    Any purchases I make appear instantly in the game. Also a message appears bottom right corner (in base) advising that the purchase was made. I hope your ship turns up soon. Good luck and fair seas... followed by F11 lol
  12. Davidious

    Why don't Scout Planes die with the Ship.

    noted with thanks - I have always assumed that the CV Captain had at least used his air on the enemy. Then again many CV Captains are pretty useless lol ps - I sold my only CV 1 day after purchase -I was crap at it lolz
  13. Davidious

    Why don't Scout Planes die with the Ship.

    Unless I am mistaken -CV planes return to where the CV sank. They circle until their fuel (time) runs out and then drop into the ocean. The answer is simple - click P and turn your AA on......... I do when the CV is dead -easy circling planes
  14. Davidious

    a quick question -quick

    seems to be the same page... either way I think there was a forum conversation about the clothes when it was released, black , blue or leather.... I think. But thanks
  15. Davidious

    a quick question -quick

    Thank you Windforce, that was the one