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  1. Menrva_Scarlet

    need tips for a Furutaka

    Speed up traverse rate = More adaptability but increase reloading time Increase Accuracy = More effective range Your choice.
  2. Menrva_Scarlet

    RNG I LOVE YOU <3 <3 <3 [rage nub warning]

    Well, my record is 1 Win 3 Draws 13 Losses with 9 consecutive losses. Beat that!
  3. Menrva_Scarlet

    about the safe range of aircraft torpedo

    Sail to/away from them as they approach and focus AA on the nearest squadron by CTRL+L.click on their icon. If CV use 2 or 3 TBs to perform a pincer attack, just pray to RNG.
  4. Menrva_Scarlet

    Furutaka - what a ship

    Starting from T5 to T7 you only have 203mm guns with their drunk snail traverse rate and quite slow loading. However, 203mm guns come with benefits as ur shells travel faster, more damage and have more power to penetrate. 203mm guns are formidable weapon for close to mid-range combat, but due to Furutaka RoF.... you should stay at mid range. Once you reach T8, Mogami, 155mm guns will now make you feel weak when fighting at 10km+ if you prefer AP. It's even harder to score citadel becuz lower caliber means guns need to fire in higher angle which leads to less power to penetrate. God... I really miss the 203mm guns on Myoko..... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Furutaka's torps are.... mostly unreliable.... but hey, they travel fast though. Armor - Better than DDs nuff' said. Steering gear modification 2 is highly recommended for maneuverability. Rudder shift time is your best friend here. Every IJN CAs come up with high rudder shift time (11-12 secs) which got me killed by torps most of the time... even with torp belt. Lower rudder shift time means less time to turn your ship so dodging torps or TBs will be much easier. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extremely short version - Furutaka should stay at mid-range. If you aren't crazy enough already, don't try anything crazy, it won't work most of the time. Steering gear modification 2 is the life saver. Main turrets modules is up to your playstyle.
  5. Menrva_Scarlet

    The MM is trying hard to make our team lose

    2 consecutive matches? God... you are so lucky...
  6. Menrva_Scarlet

    DD's guns seems nerfed

    Isokaze use 120mm right? From what I heard and tested, light shell will fly higher and take more time to reach its target. I noticed this when I played Umikaze (120mm) and Myoko (203mm).
  7. Menrva_Scarlet

    Fail range salvos vs fail torpedoes

    I think its quite fair for CAs though, becuz BBs have highest firing range and damage if it land on citadel. It is terrible, terrible damage.
  8. Menrva_Scarlet

    Game too much of a grind

    EXP from battle is fine, I got 32K in a breeze The real problem is credits.... It is too low in high tier because of repair fee.
  9. I met a USN CV player in MM 2 days ago. The MM was drunk, again. My team had T7 USN CV "Ranger" While my enemy team had T7 IJN CV "Shokaku" and T6 IJN CV "Ryujo" I need to say, I'm impressed. There were no TBs in the sky, even 10 kms away from the front line. The "Ranger" did not get any kill, he only provide AA for the whole team. We won the match. The ranger got around 1700 or so, one of the top 3 scores of the team with almost 100 planes destroyed. I complimented him for playing so well and even sent messages to thanks for his AA cover. It was a memorable match. Underpowered? I think otherwise.
  10. Menrva_Scarlet


    AP will do maximum damage when hit the citadels. For BBs, plunging fire only pen their deck armor while their citadel armor (their broadside) are too thick to be pen easily. They can be pen by 203mm (at 5km or below) though, but rarely. Try not to expose your broadside, they can easily one-shot you at this range. Only show your broadside when going for a kill, trying to inflict serious damage or BBs just fired their guns. IJN CAs are floating citadels.
  11. Menrva_Scarlet


    Rush for her second turrets, they have better reloading time. Also, if you prefer sniping playstyle, increased accuracy is better than turret turn rate. However, if you prefer adaptability, turret turn rate is the best choice for those sluggish turrets. For citadel hit, it take time to practice, just aim for waterline at 10 KM or lower (for 203mm you can score citadel hit at 12km or lower) Aiming for waterline works every time. From now on, every shot must count becuz there are no more fast reloading guns of Kuma anymore. If you are good with dodging and landing citadel hits, brawling with another cruisers will be High Risk-High Reward situation. Just don't try to brawl with Cheatland.
  12. Menrva_Scarlet

    Cleveland BS OP HE SPAM!

    So.. Much... Rage.... Stick to your teammates and ask them to FF is the best option I guess? or you can pray to RNGesus for citadel hits.
  13. Menrva_Scarlet

    Pensacola and Cleveland need to swap places

    That's how IJN CA players feel when they reach T5. Slow reloading, sluggish turrets traverse rate, fewer guns, high rudder shift time and armor made of tissues with "shoot me in the citadels" sign on it. Try Furutaka and you will feel the pain. At least, at T7 or above are much better. Pepsicola may be a bad ship compared to Cleveland which can rekt almost everything, but I think she is a good transition to USN CA. Time to adapt
  14. Menrva_Scarlet

    You will not carry on this day

    I did the best I could. I shot down Kuma with citadel hit and heavily damaged Murmansk. Suddenly, I got shot by Myogi directly at my port in point blank range. I quickly steer right and torp him back. I managed to sunk him then I got shot at my starboard by a Kawachi (Full HP) and got caught on fire. I got only 7600 HP left and the Kawachi is close. I torp him at 5 km and he shot me back. He decided to evade my torps. He is now heading toward me and me too, heading toward him. That moment with 6000 HP left, I decided to "go to Valhalla!". It was successful, I took down the Kawachi with full HP with me. Then I just realized, 8 of my team got sunk already before I take the Kawachi down... It's almost cool
  15. Menrva_Scarlet

    Convert XP Can't BUY...

    If i'm not mistaken, your ship will get Elite status after you research every mods available for your ship (including next tier ship) However, premium ships already have Elite status from the beginning. Example :