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  1. Recently, we have joined a competition which held by a facebook group. We took part in it, and seek for some excitement and enjoyment. At the time of registration, we see a single elimination with the finals using BO3, so there is no more consideration about the system of the competition. As a result, the organizers did not put the whole competition system details on our hands, but successive days before the match, they posted the updated information about the competition follow-up process onto their discussion area without notifying any team. Even when top 6 teams started the match, they still had not explained the method to pick out the finalist. This is very difficult to understand. Moreover, they announced after the round of 6, there will be a repechage during the round of 6 elimination while there is NO repechage in the following rounds, also the previous round of elimination. So the whole figure is like 4 teams playing an addition round of elimination 24 teams eliminates to 3 teams throughout 3 rounds A repechage to make the 4th team out Round of 4 using single elimination to determine the finalist and the 3rd place match teams. Where the teams won round of 6 but they still need to compete with one of the losing team without having any advantage. By this unfairness, we had tried to appeal, negotiate. However, the highest organizer announced the follow up match, same as the process mentioned above the paragragh, which mean our opinions were ignored by the organizer. There is no any reply from the manager and they still take this as a minor problem (or maybe ignore the opinion from 3 winning teams in the final? ) , as they never apologize publicly as an organization. After that, due to the organizer's action, 3 leaders of the winning teams @ round of 6 decided to give up and forfeit in this competition. Although abstentions were made, the organizer announced "Ban 3 teams to join any of our events forever, due to abstentions reason are not proper." There is the announcement from the organizer Description of activities and punishment announcement: 1. Team "Siki", "1st Fleet of The Sun Flag" and "Silver Meteor" will be the Champion, first runner-up and second runner-up respectively, because Team "Goo Goo Goo" , "Rescue Penguin" and "WoWsPMC" abandoned the match. 2. For the teams which complain about the competition system and caused difficulties on the process, affect the rights and interests of other teams and the organization, these are the punishment after our discussion: Team "Goo Goo Goo" and "Rescue Penguin", all of their team members are not allowed to join any of the events that designed by our organization forever. Team "WoWsPMC" had told us that they can’t make a free time to fit in the date of the final match , so we decided to deprive their rights to join our events for 2 times. 3. Every teams have their rights to refuse opponent's postpone, we will adjudge opponent team as a loss. You can also report to the organization of you have some problems, if not, the date of the match will be change as 2 leaders agree. For the repechage part, we announced that on 6/28 pm22:11 (like the picture showed) and announcement on 7/21 (which is not pinned to top) , there are also some matches going on and we didn’t receive any report about the change of the mechanism. To be clear, if you have any problems, don’t try to do some actions which affect the rights and interests of other teams and the organization. If you want more details , search the relevant cases:Taiwan taekwondo abandon tournament and Taiwan eSports team race abandoned for no reason. 4. Thanks for the contestants to participate our event, also everyone's support and advice. Since this event was first held, a lot of negligence were made due to the inexperienced organization, we have to apologize here for bring inconvenience to everyone. We will review and keep improve, for the better activities to everyone in this FaceBook Group, allow me to thank you guy's tolerate and encourage, we will do better because of your support. Due to Tony's (Manager)personal mistake , 3 final winning team's interests and reputation being exploited , we protested and express our opinions before , how could the organizer described as " abstentions reason are not proper " ? "For the repechage part , we announced that on 6/28 pm22:11 ( like the picture showed ) and announcement on 7/21 ( which is not pinned top) , there are also some matches going on and we didn’t receive any report about the change of the mechanism." There was a match on 7/20 and 7/22, while 7/21 has no match. We asked about the repechage on 7/22 at night, but Tony made some delay, work on it until 7/23 , and he just ignored that in the end. (Tony's private group which invited 3 final teams ) Mainly the chat only consist of the better version which we considered as better while tony shee(manager of the competition) making apologize for NOT explaining the whole competition system to us + not considering our suggestion, which is on 7/23. "To be clear, if you have any problems, don’t try to do some actions which affect the rights and interests of other teams and the organization. If you want more details , search the relevant cases:Taiwan taekwondo abandon tournament and Taiwan eSports team race abandoned for no reason." Put international competition compare to this abstention issue, but the organizer didn’t follow the rules of repechage from international competition. Repechage team could be fight for the final is the main point. Reiterate again, abstention is our right, no need to be tangle. Overall, the organization didn’t fulfill their obligation, eventually be ignored and harm to our rights and interests, even we tried our best to cooperate with. Right here, I hope the organizer could apologize and give us a fair, justice action. And I hope WG will have some event guideline for the people who want to organize the event, in order to help them. Lastly, congratulate to the teams from the repechage to get the Champion, first runner-up and second runner-up respectively. I am afarid posting picture with traditional chinese violate the forum rules, please pm me if u want those pictures.
  2. 近日,某facebook群組舉辦了一個比賽。 我們抱著參與和技術較量的心態,報名了。 在報名時,我們看到的是淘汰賽與冠亞bo3,故沒有多考慮賽制的問題。 結果,主辦方並沒有從一開始就把整個比賽及該賽制的詳細資料交到我們手上,而是逐次在比賽前幾天把該輪比賽的詳細資料發文上群組討論區,沒有主動通知各隊﹐甚至是6強的時候也還沒交代冠亞季的產生辦法,已讓人非常費解。 此外,還在6強淘汰賽進行之期間宣佈這6強淘汰賽含有一個敗部復活,而此之前跟之後(4強)都沒有,更讓人感覺不公。 賽制: 26隊分2輪單淘汰至6強(有4隊要先多打一輪,所以是24>12>6) 6強淘汰賽的3強跟敗部復活賽的勝者進入4強 4強用單淘汰的方法來產生冠亞賽跟季殿賽的隊伍 結果,因為這不公平,我們跟主辦方抗議,然而,我們被無視,先斬後奏,然後我們棄權了。 然而,我們感到遺憾的卻是主辦方公開指責我們隨意棄賽,並遞奪我們日後在該群組參加比賽的機會。 主辦方原文: 活動說明與相關懲處公告: 一、 由於咕咕咕、WoWsPMC、拯救企鵝,三隊自行棄賽。則冠亞季軍部分將由敗部復活賽程中的四季隊(冠軍)、太陽旗第一艦隊(亞軍)、銀色流星(季軍)獲得。 二、 對於因不滿賽制而隨意棄賽行為造成活動進行困難、影響其他隊伍及主辦方權益之懲處部分,經討論結果將對隊伍「咕咕咕」、「拯救企鵝」、「WoWsPMC」三隊進行懲處。 而懲處方式如下: 「咕咕咕」、「拯救企鵝」:該隊所有成員將永久禁止參加本社團主辦之任何活動。 「WoWsPMC」:隨意棄賽主因與其他兩隊原因大致相同。但因該隊於先前就曾告知,若賽程延期則無法配合活動,因此懲處該隊所有成員禁止參與乙次社團主辦之任何活動。 三、 1.)對於對手因素而延長比賽等問題,每隊都是具有拒絕權力的,則會判定對手方失去比賽資格。也可以在遇到狀況時進行回報,若協調接受對手方延後比賽,則以結果進行。 2.)對於敗部復活賽制的部分,最早於6/28 pm22:11公告表單便開始有所提及(附圖所示),最後又於7/21日以賽程表方式公佈(並未有置頂),而當日也有隊伍進行比賽,但我們這裡並沒有在當下收到關於次賽制的任何相關回報。 3.)再次呼籲,對於活動上有任何問題,請勿以影響整體活動進行與其他參予者權益之手段抗議。而相關案例可參考 台灣跆拳道棄賽事件 與 台灣電競團隊無故棄賽 等部分。 四、 本次活動十分感謝大家肯花時間來參與,也謝謝大家的支持與建議。由於本次活動為第一次舉辦,經驗尚淺的我們在活動細節部分也造成不少疏失,造成大家的不便 真的十分抱歉,我們會在後續進行檢討與改進,並在下次呈現更好的活動給社團的大家,最後也再次謝謝大家的包容與鼓勵,因為有你們的支持我們才能做得更好。 再次呼籲言論要理性。 "對於因不滿賽制而隨意棄賽行為造成活動進行困難、影響其他隊伍及主辦方權益之懲處部分, 經討論結果將對隊伍「咕咕咕」、「拯救企鵝」、「WoWsPMC」三隊進行懲處。" 因為TONY(主辦方)的失誤,令我們3隊的權益被剝削及名譽,有提出抗議跟意見之前提下,何來隨意棄賽之說? ""對於敗部復活賽制的部分,最早於6/28 pm22:11公告表單便開始有所提及(附圖所示), 最後又於7/21日以賽程表方式公佈,而當日也有隊伍進行比賽, 但我們這裡並沒有在當下收到關於次賽制的任何相關回報。"" 7/20 有比賽 7/22 有比賽 就7/21沒比賽 我們在7/22晚上比完賽後已經就有關事宜回報及詢問 tony卻延至7/23才開始處理,到最後不處理 ""再次呼籲,對於活動上有任何問題,請勿以影響整體活動進行與其他參予者權益之手段抗議。 而相關案例可參考 台灣跆拳道棄賽事件 與 台灣電競團隊無故棄賽 等部分。"" 拿國際活動來比喻這次棄賽,而這次活動卻沒有跟隨國際活動的敗部賽規則, 部份淘汰賽復活卻可以爭奪冠亞,也是整件事的問題點。 再重申一次,棄賽是我們的權利,不需窮追猛打。 整體來說,主辦方沒有履行他們的義務,我們盡力配合,結果卻落得被無視,權益受損。 就此發出公開文,希望社團還給我們一個公道,並作出道歉。 最後恭喜敗部復活賽程中的四季隊、太陽旗第一艦隊、銀色流星獲得前三名。
  3. Penguin525

    0.5.6 Patchnotes (NA=May25)

    He really needs a mental doc. Btw , could you help me to translate this 「i will see you try killing my Montana with ya cute little Premium Atago then" Fair point, but it can be done, he just doesn't wanna get salvo'd is all」
  4. I received an auto email after i bought 2200 doubloons.However, there is still 0 doubloons in the game.I think that doubloons are misplaced between NA and Asia Server.Could I transfer my 2200 Doubloons to my NA Server?I dont have any account in Asia Server , so it is not possible to send my Doubloons to Asia Server..... 已交ticket數天 接近一星期還沒得到客服的回覆 請問客服也有相對的工作天? Ticket ID:OZX-502-27349