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  1. Anchored

    Time Taken For Grinding Need A Long Time..

    Ok, so im @ Tier 4, profile level 8, i got my terminology mixed up, ty for the correction, but still, my comment was intended to point out that if you're enjoying the game the grinding " battling " isn't really noticed and the rewards will come all you need to do is supply a little effort & time
  2. Anchored

    Time Taken For Grinding Need A Long Time..

    you been playing for 4 months,,,guess you should pick up the slack and get a move on ....lool....whats to Hmmm about o.o ?
  3. Anchored

    In Game Chat

    have you lot ever stopped to think outside the damn box ? Voice chat allows a group of ppl to coordinate attacks ingame without the hassle of having to type everything !! while the in game chat window allows for discussion of various game play options and battleship preferences it does not allow you to chat while in battle, the in battle window is separate. THIS WHOLE THREAD was a suggestion to an alternative way of communication, especially in battle formats, where certain groups can band together to battle and talk in game and concentrate on the battle not typing what is required on the wild blue waters of WOWS.. this is just wowo...think outside the box !! WOWS unlike many other games way before it use voice chat, get with the times it's not 1980
  4. Anchored

    In Game Chat

    happy ..>.>
  5. Anchored

    In Game Chat

    the ' word ' is censored , is spelt ' politely " , but if it needs to be changed -.- , ffs, let me know..thought this was an " adult game ".
  6. Anchored

    In Game Chat

    Q, can you use those chats while your in battle mode ?, can you type while you're battling and direct players to key functions ? Voice chat directs people out of game ? " inserts smartass remark " this is your first online game hon> ( no offence ) I'm aware of the ingame chat, ty, but talking to people playing , while you play so you can confirm key actions is somewhat helpful than just reading about it, trying it, then having to be smashed to pieces and then coming back to port to re-enter the discussion again and start over. I'm not trying to take anything away from the game, and have used RaidCall , or other forms of Voice Chat to communicate ingame/s for years. but thanks for the feed back !
  7. Anchored

    Time Taken For Grinding Need A Long Time..

    I've been playing for about 3 days, give or take a few hours or so ..>.>, so far i have managed about 9? ships, 5? are elite, ( i'm not currently logged in hence the guess's ) and i'm 55% to the 8th tier rank, like most games farming is the way of life unless you pay to win !! so far the game has enough in it that the farming aspect isnt even noticable for me as i'm too into killing everyone, or trying too ! little repetitive yea, but boring, no, not yet, so the experience for the next tier or upgrades comes without any hassles. The more you battle the more you reap the rewards ...
  8. Anchored

    In Game Chat

    Since i'm a newbie to the game and the ingame chat seems to be all but nonexistent bar the little chat window that no one uses while the battle goes on, i've started a free for all to join voice chat so people can talk while they battle, or have a discussion on game logistics, tips and general game play. RaidCall is the program , easy to use, free to use and only 15mb DL all you need is a headset with a Microphone ! The room number is 11347638. Extra rooms , Admins, can be added and it can take upto 200 peeps at once. http://www.raidcall.com/index.html It would be a good game tool for game help and general chat about how to play, things are easy enough to read but ingame chat and explanations of how things work or ingame tips would be great for all. If your interested just download and join in, or if you have any questions let me know