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  1. Thank you Eurobeat

    woop fixed sorry my bad
  2. Thank you Eurobeat

    so basically, I follow what you said on the clip and got a super container while playing flamu's video. #the_joke_is_real ps: thank you flamu also
  3. Euro's X-Mas Giveaway

    My wishes: please, dont run away from cap please, help defend the cap please, no more sniper
  4. See you again same time next year!

    "chauvinist Indonesians, cheating Viet Congs, racist Australians". Honestly, I feel like that guy have a problem. way too discriminate!
  5. Remove it Already

    well, I was unlucky when I got deto, when I was playing with my bis by CV's torps right in the time when my team almost win so praise RNGESUS
  6. See you again same time next year!

    Now, I understand why my friends complain about Asia sever. I don't read news much just keep playing the game.