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  1. Here's my entry, draw with paint.net. Happy new year to all and may all your wishes come true : )
  2. wow the guy above me.....what this contest wants actually ? Create a new year themed drawing for World of Warships ?
  3. ok guys thanks for all the replies and info, sad to know that you can't buy the ship with doubloons. Tried the tech tree mod, can't buy the ship even the purchase button is there, no gold is lost. (in my case)
  4. It is not my parents money, every penny i spent on online game is from my part time job during holiday. My parents like to keep track of my money. i guess i have to wait, then....
  5. Hi guys, recently i just found that Warspite is on sale again and want to buy it. However, i can only do so with Doubloons/ gold. My parents don't allow me to spend money on games anymore but i do have enough Doubloons to buy the ship ( which i believe is around 6000 - 7000 doubloons ). So, is there a way to buy the Warspite with Doubloons rather than credit card ?