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  1. NF_Sagas

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    Conkhead// Yes. someday it will be solved....someday....
  2. NF_Sagas

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    Minfang// Yes I just can wait until WG makes solution. But if WG expected this since CBT, then why they don't make solution until now? I don't understand. If my words are looks little bit aggresive I apologize. I don't want fight between user abot this
  3. NF_Sagas

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    RG_KID// I understand what you talking about. But My opinion is stop abusing patch is the most important thing in this game. But WG doing just another useless patch. They misunderstood what people want.
  4. NF_Sagas

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    Everybody hates blue line abuser. But WG did nothing but just saying 'Don't do that.' Why don't you just make patch about that? Just make that abusers are damaged when they trying to blue liner. Isn't that simple enough? Why we should keep seeing huge warships are just stick with blue line and dancing with that fat body? THAT IS NOT I EXPECTED IN THE "WARSHIP" GAME. Shame on you WG. Shame on you abusers.