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  1. Zinger69

    Detection range reticle indicator gone

    Looks like I found the solution, with help from you all 🙂 It was a Modstation mod I checked called "Max Speed of Target" .. unchecked now and will test it after the new patch has loaded. Thanks again to you all 🙂
  2. Zinger69

    Detection range reticle indicator gone

    Not sure where in settings you can change the aiming reticle ? Do you mean the Crosshair ?? My problem is the information in the centre of the screen when in game, to the left is the time it takes for your shells travel to target - the right is target distance = directly below this is my problem where your Detection Distance is usually displayed and mine is missing now replaced by the target ships current speed ??/?? I thought it was a bug to do with my Modstation mods but I deleted them all and it was still happening. Then I thought it was the Alternative Interface Mode but again I changed this but it still remained.
  3. My detection range reticle indicator is now missing in the centre of my screen when in game, replaced with the speed of the ship I have locked onto instead. Is there any way I can change this back as it putting me at a huge disadvantage during my games as I do not know what my current detection range is, when my detected range has changed after my guns have fired or when my detection has changed back to the minimum distance. Please help !!
  4. Zinger69

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    Got no rewards at all here .. a glitch ??