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  1. _Beserker_

    Mod in 0.5.5 ?

    I had installed 0.5.5 today and somethings really annoyed me all the mod installed in the game are now broke (includding ship's skin mod) i tried in the res_mods file but it's seem doesn't work can anyone help me how to install the mod in the game ???
  2. _Beserker_

    About tier 5 gameplay

    I survived tier 5 games by party with my friends ^^, they will decide how will the tactic be. i just following it. but sometime you should be the comander by showing your teammate that you are trustable. i done this quiet often and seem its quiet good
  3. _Beserker_

    Which ships to play

    Cause Kancolle players are to crowded and dangerous ^^, the IJN ships are quite op except furutaco