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    “一群國人只知道欺負自己人不去噴外國人,算什麼本事!” 哎喲餵當時排位賽沒隱蔽不拉煙理直氣壯說出這種話我小叮噹還能說什麼呢? 被封了只能說喜聞樂見喜大普奔,當年排位賽的報應終於到了,放個煙花慶祝一下
  2. Yoizuki_

    Some amaing experience

    Today when I play the game with my friends,I met a special(?) player, We all drive the Belfast,, When we cap a base and enemy plane spot us,we use smoke quickly and stay in smoke for cap. But enemy guys drive a Budyyony and keep shoot us when we are in smoke. When he hit me first time,I thought that's lucky,and,second time ,third time............. OMG what wrong with my smoke? Perhaps I keep stay and stop move let the guys hit me easy......... Few moment later,the Storm ​coming,I have to push to cover my mate. In storm I had spotted by enemy plane, I got it and no one can see me again. But that guys keep shoot me in somewhere, at least out of 8km,And he almost hit me twice. I want to know why that guys so amazing?Is that guys a very strong player?Or a lucky player?Or a [content removed] player? I want to know that Warning issued for naming and shaming violation. ~Twisted0ne If you have issues with possible in game cheating please submit game replay to Support.
  3. I know that wows will show some new IJN Destoryers to us,and at the same time some tester test these ships But why the tester always show they are noobs? Most of them always provide low exp and Dmg in the game. And also let enemy get the first kill easy. I want to ask what result can get if you test the ships like that? So weak? Or so strong? I just know you dead first with little dmg and low exp, Then the game will become 11VS12 and be hard. I don't like that. WTF
  4. Yoizuki_

    Supertest Recruitment Round 4

    IGN:Kagero_Tokitsukaze ​I would like to apply to be asupertester. I have played this game since Beta Test and I have been with this game for a year.I have always wanted to contribute for the game and the developers since I wanted to make this game a better game.Now,there's a chance for me to contribute for this game.I would not miss this chance.I am willing to serve the game and the developers in order to improve the game.I believe my gaming experience will be a good basis for me to participate in Supertest and I am willing to listen to follow instructions.I will sacrifice my time for the ST job and I agree to the NDA.Skype and Teamspeaker3 readyHope I can be chosen as SuperTester
  5. 今夜究竟創造出了多少新的R1呢,在下很好奇(