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  1. Knuddy

    Unable to "connect" to WoW's

    I had similar issues and it turned out my virus firewall was interfering the game. I logged a ticket with support and they told me which ports to forward. I hope this helps.
  2. Knuddy

    cant login

    Hi All, Turns out it was my anti-virus (Kaspersky). Even though I had firewall disabled, I did an uninstall and reinstall to fix it.
  3. Knuddy

    cant login

    Hi LS, This is only a recent problem and WOWs worked well since it went open beta. I'm with Australian provider iinet. I'm on the NBN and get a pretty good connection:
  4. Knuddy

    cant login

    Hey LS, it was happening last night still. What is strange is that I can log in sometimes and I can choose my ship, look at modules, etc. When I go to launch the game the 'thinking' symbol comes up and it generally disconnects me back to log in. Once or twice the symbol comes up but it's let me play the round, then disconnects me back to log in once the game concludes (before I see statistics). This only seems to happen for coop games.
  5. I'm getting this too. But no crash. It's not my firewall.
  6. Knuddy

    cant login

    Not firewall. Maybe it's server side? g
  7. Knuddy

    cant login

    I'm having the same problem capt_cannonballs from around the same time as you. "Error Connecting Server"