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  1. 10. White Blue is good for arctic maps. Not half bad either.
  2. Brunswickz

    Queen Elizabeth problems - fires

    She is quite decent before the trollish 7.2.0 patch. I had good memories with her. I even disliked KGV, even when i have her fully upgraded. IMO, it is one of the RN BB with powerful AP. Unlike KGV which i find quite hard to citadel cruisers at range, it isn't for QE. KGV's AP has shorter fuse, i don't think you could citadel any cruiser or BB unless you both below 8km range. Her huge superstructure is the biggest problem IMO. It is where your enemy farmed damage from you when using her. AP, HE alike. Once i shaved off 12K damage just by hitting another QE's superstructure with AP. Not quite sure it can be done after 7.2.0 however. I think just my taste? Pretty sure only i could write something positive about QE. So it may normal to say she is weak.
  3. Brunswickz

    Flamu does the IJN cruiser line (again)

    Feels like we asked WG to implement some gimmicks for IJN. Idk it would be good or bad. About boring play, i think more veteran the player, more boring the play. Until if he or she is very veteran, it revert back the where it begins.
  4. Brunswickz

    Need some advice for Richelieu

    She's good bow tanker, but stock health pool is low. HE spam is a quick death. Her range is great but accuracy is poor. Her secondaries are big, but some will be lost at hull B. I think Secondaries build is not feasible for Richie. At least if you able to get the secondaries manual control, i suggest not to pick the secondaries upgrade or IFHE. The ship is fast enough without to deliver the secondaries to the face of your opponent, and desperately need the concealment. 12.8km ? It is great. The unique captain, who is the name again, Jean Honore ? He helped to turn the turret faster, which is very useful for Richie. You might obtain him from french collection. IK, that is RNG. IMO, not a powerful ship to play, try to get Alsace ASAP. Not fun when you can't carry because the ship can't. DPM is terrible. Fun is relative for everyone. About 40-50k for a "good" battle IMO is underwhelming. The ship is great when you downtiered, quite capable against same tier, helpless when uptiered. Unlike Republique which has 20s reload and 430mm guns, she only have 380mm with standard 30s reload. As if everyone think Republique is strong anyway haha. Spam HE from a far maybe the most feasible fighting style against capable tier 9 or 10 BB players. Unless you caught them broadside.
  5. Brunswickz

    About me, and French BB

    Sorry it took a long time to reply. Nah i don't have military background, it just inconsistent as Sparcie said. Maybe, just maybe tho, the unique 340mm fell into the valley that make that possible. As about overpen to 340mm is debatable i think, because i used to Z-46 AP characteristics where what matter to explode the shell is the ship length or thickness. At Z-46, if i shot Russian DD, it would do nice damage 3500-5000 approximately, where at thinner DD it only about 2200. It is not about the penetration power of the shell, but the fuse timer. i.e. RN ships always have shorter fuse. I'm not trying to make WG to alter this to suit my taste, but i think this is inconsistent with the AP that ive been using so far. So yea, may be im not the only one, maybe, it is really an unintended bug ? And...... Ive got my self Richielieu. Still inconsistent IMO. So far i remedied this by shooting the upper hull plate instead citadel, or superstructure. Or just simply using HE. About Richie... this is a ship with mixed feeling. Against tier 8 or lower she is fine, penning Lyon with ease, but against tier 9 or 10, the same thing happens. Not as atrocious as 340mm but still happens. This time, mostly happens to cruisers. I can't have faith for my gun to make a finishing shot. Even at a very short range like 4km, they just miss, deflected, overpen, or shatter. Coupled with only have 8 guns, dispersion, and quite low health pool, i find it challenge to fight against tier 9 or 10 BBs. Driving is nice tho, many occasions i used her to CQC with DDs. Torp beating, circling and that stuff.
  6. Brunswickz

    Fan translation of Puka Puka Fleet Comic!

    Panel 1: Kamome : Nene-chan-tte sugoi ne ! Tier 10 no gunkan ippai motterundesho ? [ Nene chan is cool, she have a lot of Tier 10 ships right ? ] Naru : Konaida misete moratta kedo, Hakuryuu toka Zao toka tsukaikonderu kanji attasune ! [ She showed it at some other day, i think she using Zao or Hakuryuu isn't it ] Panel 2 : Kamome : Kitto sugoku WoWs jouzu nanda ne [ She's surely super good at WoWs ] Mikan : Watashi mo sonkei shitteruzo! Hayaku ware ware mo Tier 10 oikkitai mono dana ! [ I respected her also ! Let's us catch her quickly to Tier 10 ] Naru : Mikan-chan ni wa murissu yo! [ It is impossible for Mikan-chan ] Panel 3 : Nene ? : Aaa mou, mataa !? Shikai torenee nara joui-kun na baka kuchiku. [ Ahh, again ? I don't have a sight, stupid top ranked DDs ] Nene ? : Watashi no ashi wo hipparu yatsu wa tier 10 notteru shikaku ha nai wa. Kutabare Chinpan ! Aninstooru Aninstooru ! [ Whoever dragged me is not qualified to use Tier 10. Die monkey ! Uninstall Uninstall ! ] SFX : Kachi kachi kachi [ Clack clack clack ] Panel 4 : Toto : .... oneechan ha ningen no Tier ga hikui (by Miyanaga xxx ) [ Onee chan's human Tier is low ] Nene ? : Waaa bikkurishita !! [ Waaa you startled me !! ] https://worldofwarships.asia/ja/news/pukapuka-fleet/pukapuka_fleet_vol89/ *note that Miyanaga guy is probably the Japanese military advisor
  7. Brunswickz

    Fan translation of Puka Puka Fleet Comic!

    The story will be the last for season 2. Google translate : We will take a while off for updates due to various circumstances Shibaraku yasumimasu, well i hope it really just a while.
  8. Brunswickz

    Tips for my new Moggie

    The thing i hate with Mogami is the X Y turrets, they could turn slightly forward but WG said no. I do believe X turret could turn 360 even, if that hand rail is not in the way. So, at the time your Mogami could use her 5 turrets, it just indicate your opponent could citadel you at the same time. Immediately turn after firing. Especially against USN cruisers, an immediate turn after firing may not enough. Don't be too greedy when you're against them. Edit : Pensacola maybe turn faster than Mogami despite she has 2s late rudder. She has smaller turn radius, but more importantly, i think she has better acceleration or less drag. Mogami lost a big chunk of speed when turning. Against russian DD (and Pan Asian Fushun) 130mm is more capable to citadel Mogami when you allow them to get closer than 8km. Also, their AP, and Akizuki's AP has enough power to knock down, even to destroy your turret. So if you plan to reveal your citadel to them (using 5 turrets), be sure you have some distance. Mogamis with 155mm IFHE configuration seems powerful on paper, but is practically weak.
  9. Brunswickz

    About me, and French BB

    About this Light shell characteristics, i found it contradict with the current mechanic. If the shell is light, hurled by massive force of 340mm; It explain how it getting deflected or shattered often, but still, It shouldn't overpen a lot, thus having 9500 AP damage (which IMO is too much for a light shell). 30s reload may be also need to be adjusted if the shell is light. Overpen to a DD is maybe ok, even 128mm overpen a lot, but BB ? Sorry i was about to sleep when i posted my last replies. Id rather not to reply it when dizzy. To Joe and Sparcie, yes, ships itself is quite enjoyable. I watched some videos from Notser and Flamu about the change tho i didn't immediately took notice to the difference. It seems you're right about now BB overpens a lot. But for French BB, tier 5-7 in particular, it also overpen, but also shatters and deflected. And sometimes doing 0 damage. I think that fishy. And i tried my Konig which has lower AP value, it don't have such behavior.
  10. Brunswickz

    About me, and French BB

    This guy using New Mexico let me to take like 5 free shots to his ship, and he just repay it back in one salvo. Use this to open my replays https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/articles/128/ Or directly this, if you know the instructions. http://dl-wows-gc.wargaming.net/projects/mods/mods_pack/WoWS_Replays_Tool.exe 20180312_034448_PFSB106-Normandie_23_Shards.wowsreplay
  11. Brunswickz

    About me, and French BB

    K, maybe some of you not taking attention to those small details. This one i had with North Carolina. 3 overpens 0 damage. Did i overpen the flag? 20180312_024708_PFSB106-Normandie_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay
  12. Brunswickz

    About me, and French BB

    Well im talking about the trolling penetration. Sigma...well we have experienced that with Fuso.
  13. Brunswickz

    About me, and French BB

    Honestly i love Normandie for its cruiser like handling. But 340mm guns always troll me. I do believe Lyon has the same problem.
  14. Brunswickz

    About me, and French BB

    1. Who am i ? I used to post using Zwelivelle before. This account originally is my friend's, so i didn't used this until recently. It was like 2 years waiting and he showed no interest to use the account to post in the forum or something. Zwelivelle only had 10 battle record as minimum battle required to post something here, i've done that with 0 lose. At one game it was 6 vs 6, i killed 6. Sorry, im professional seal clubber. 2. French BB I browsed about 2 pages at this General discussion and also about a page of Bug thread. I think no one complained about French BB AP peculiarity. I won Bretagne, tier V from crate before and i used her several times until 0.7.2 patch arrived. I feel the AP is wonky than before ? (I still using 340mm, Bretagne and Normandie) It overpens a lot, it shatters a lot, and sometimes do no damage. Shot at DD overpen 950 dmg Omaha, overpen 950 damage North Carolina 15km, aimed at super structure, overpen 950 damage North Carolina 0.2km (It was an attempt to ram), overpen 950 damage North Carolina's aft lower section, shatters, deflects, 0.5km, well it is normal but i was want to make sure if there is some kind of anomaly. North Carolina's belt upper section, shatters, deflects, 0.5km, normal ? Well angle was bad tho. Fuso, 12km, perfect broadside, 1 pen 4 deflects, 4 shatters, 0 damage.... Some crusiers, 1 pen, 9 miss, 0 damage ???? New Mexico, aiming at superstructure, 14km, 1900 damage, 2 overpens, ??????? No plunging fire ? Not always like this, sometimes it works just as expected but it sometimes trolling. Did i shoot using Baguette ? Honestly HE isn't appealing as well, damage output is horribad. Im pretty sure Furutaka or any random cruiser has 3 times better HE output than these using HE. In fact i was downed 1 vs 1 by Yorck trying to duel only using HE as HP also probably the least at the class, rivaling RN BB. 41K HP at Bretagne. I even wondering if i used the B hull, and i did.
  15. Brunswickz

    Bugs ?

    There are several maybe bugs, 1.French AP shell (observed with Tier V and VI) Idk if this intended correctly or not. I shot at BB superstructure, .... overpen 950 damage. At any range. From 0.2km to 17km. As if the fuse isn't working properly. And the shell shattered too much. Making it is more than bad gambling when used against BB. Pen 1 Overpen 2 deflected 4 shattered 4 And the pen also sometimes didn't do any damage. 2.Game Launcher (standard) failed to pass update check when i switched off my DNScrypt As if i don't have internet connection, strangely it is fine to open any website when i'm doing so. 3.After loading, the game went to windowed mode. Then at the login screen it will give me error message "WoWs has already running at background" when i pressed enter. So i must close the error message and clicked the play button with mouse. 4.Stuttering Im well aware if you're on going to this but i want to add up, the game runs a bit less stutter when i used High sound setting instead of Ultra. Still stutters at long run, but it helped a lot.