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  1. Brunswickz

    Soo who is still staying in the SEA server?

    What you saw at the WoWs numbers are Clans data from playing at each own server right? Then you compared it side by side. Not much i can say when i'm online alone at this clan.
  2. Brunswickz

    After a 3k damage tier 6 game...

    Yea, i'll try to get Venezia. A lot streamers had fun with them also. I'll keep Trento and Amalfi since i've got their perma camo. Maybe not keeping Brandisi. Sure i'm fine with Ocean. My long torps love Ocean. Now just let the thinly armored cruisers happy there - pun intended.
  3. Brunswickz

    After a 3k damage tier 6 game...

    As Dejiko's said, wait until you get your hands to the higher tier pastas. I found Amalfi is quite an upgrade from Zara. With her 37 knot speed, improved concealment. And oh, make good use of the smoke and spotter plane. Use the smoke offensively and defensively. No BB is happy when a smoke coming to their way. And i found they're the only ship can sail broadside preemptively, if things get hairy, pop a smoke and scat. I mean, it is often if you're playing CA, you'll angle before an island corner. It has not always the case with pasta cruisers. Spotter plane is a damage saver, with their lack of range. Also be careful with the weird shell drag, i often missed aim thanks to that. They're faster at short range, but incredibly slow after like 12km. As if there is a drag chute attached to the shell, deployed at certain range. Interestingly, the drag chute doesn't seem to apply when spotter plane is in effect.
  4. Kinda weird reasons for a burnout i think. Are you sure they're not the reason but the result of your burnout? I'm seasonal player, i played for a long streak then stops completely like for months. So, no 2 usually no problem to me. 6 consecutive loss, then 6 consecutive wins, no biggie there, because i'm playing for a long streak a day. A bad team still lost despite our best effort, it is an old story and just let it slide for sanity. I'm not lowering my bar tho. Stopped completely when bored, and then just come back in when something interesting comes in, like a new ships, event which might caught my interest. I missed Exeter, Benham, it is okay tho they're really great ships. Hmm, when the last time i see you at randoms, been a long time.
  5. Brunswickz

    Soo who is still staying in the SEA server?

    150 or 200ms ping is ok for me actually. And i can confirm that by played a few public test server games. I did play a 3rd person shooting game at US server with HDSPA connection. When i hit theirs, they're angry, idk why. Something about Asian players with bad connection ruining their game, and F for their 3rd eye of lag perception. I kept playing there until i finally bored. Oh gawd, i've got 3rd eye. Imagine how cool was that. Back to the OP question, I still be around, if i would play there, i'll make a new account. Not bother with transfer. Even so, i'm too lazy to do that.
  6. Sob, i'm a cheater then to you. I love to use all of my guns because they're cool. About the USS Worchester example is wrong. 152mm + IFHE can penetrate GK's bow, not only doing damage but has good chance to set a fire. It still can set a fire to the GK's bow without IFHE but at much smaller chance since the shell will shatter all over the place. He might doing this if the mid section has already burning. Fuso with HE can deal 12K damage to a broadside Amagi plus causing some fires. At range her AP can't pen Amagi's armor. Using HE is a better call.
  7. Definitely improved, tho may not to the way i want in general.
  8. Brunswickz

    I want some tactics and strategies of IJN DDs

    I'm ok, in fact i more leaning to think like you. If the old thread can be reused, or still stands up, why not. Just a reminder, because idk how people usually think in here, don't be alerted. Sid's post in fact updates the thread.
  9. Brunswickz

    I want some tactics and strategies of IJN DDs

    Yeah, i just pointed that out in case this forum is anti necro or something, which is idk. Also, there is a huge gap between the recent IJN DD playstyle with the one year ago. Which is kinda disconnected if someone trying to read from the 1st post.
  10. Brunswickz

    USSR T8 Battleship Size Comparison (Including Borodino)

    Hmm Lenin is wider than Iowa, the graphic clipped at the top. I think the ship need to deal with the weight offset by using 2 all frontal turrets. Both turrets will be placed further back near to the center of the ship with significantly longer bow by scale comparison.
  11. Brunswickz

    Is torpedo targeting consider gun targeting too

    It is a known technique from Flamu, if you're against a DD, you got a mark on your priority target skill. Then the number is gone, it indicates if he dropped the torpedo load already. To you. About if he send a plane to you, i can say he probably just lucky to found you? Generally someone will send in planes when detected to a general area. Lets say hes concealment is 10km, then he would sweep a radius of 8km radially started from the direction suspected to be easily breached. So if his friends are flocking at the west side, then start from the east. Given that mostly CV player will block his ship from sight by covering north and south with an island.
  12. Brunswickz

    A useful method for dodging Rocket Fighters

    No, it is quite the opposite. Easier to dodge torps from behind. Because the relative speed is smaller. Some ships even faster than some torpedoes. Except if you're talking about aerial torpedo after the CV rework. Why the complain?
  13. Brunswickz

    Unusual battle at sunday morning

    Good then if the server is getting better. But to make sure, i want to point not only the team was amazing, but they do give and listen to orders. The last order i gave to the Roma to dodge Amalfi's torp, he "wilco!" it twice even. The most amazing one was the DD however. Not rushing the cap, seeking AA cover, also he smoke the team preemptively, and also pointing risks of crossfires. He did one ping to the North Carolina to warn players at the middle ground of crossfire. Edinburgh managed to slip capturing the B cap, and they somewhat able to resist enemy lemming from C cap. The rare here is not 1/ 100000, but like 1/50 battles. So if you played 10K times, it were 200 occasions.
  14. Brunswickz

    A useful method for dodging Rocket Fighters

    I'll note this, how about an attack coming from the aft ? Still the same principle? I think i saw a dodge at the video also.
  15. Brunswickz

    I want some tactics and strategies of IJN DDs

    First post was August 7 2018.