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    KM_SuperBismarck got a reaction from Thyaliad in A Man named "Yamamoto" Once Asked if the Army had Good Engineers...   
    No, it's not Isoroku Yamamoto. This was asked by Yamamoto Gombei, then Chief of the Navy Ministry's Secretariat, before the First Sino-Japanese War.
    Just thought I'd share 😀
    Source: Kaigun: Strategy, Tactics and Technology in the Imperial Japanese Navy 1887-1941
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    KM_SuperBismarck got a reaction from Thyaliad in A Man named "Yamamoto" Once Asked if the Army had Good Engineers...   
    No, it's not Isoroku Yamamoto. This was asked by Yamamoto Gombei, then Chief of the Navy Ministry's Secretariat, before the First Sino-Japanese War.
    Just thought I'd share 😀
    Source: Kaigun: Strategy, Tactics and Technology in the Imperial Japanese Navy 1887-1941
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    KM_SuperBismarck reacted to RalphTheTheatreCat in Weather and Wave conditions   
    I knew WG got it wrong.  I always thought that my printer could make waves in game.

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    KM_SuperBismarck reacted to S_h_a_k_y in We Were All Noobs Once   
    I joined Wargaming a couple of years ago but have only really been playing WoWS for two months. So I am still a newcomer (Noob).
    My advice to other newcomers is to join a clan so you can listen to the experienced players on how they do things like the best ship, Captains Skills, tactics, etc. Also, watch all the Wargaming videos and check out YouTube as there are so many informative and awesome videos out there.

    My number one tip is "Grow a Thick Skin" as there are so many Admirals (Not what I want to write) out there who think they are the best at the game. My recommendation is that you hide your profile as a lot of people will judge you by it and will tell you to go back to COOPs or Co-Op battles. Hiding your stats just alleviates any problems. Yes, COOP battles are great to try out a new ship, test your aiming and leading of targets etc, but a lot of the BOTS don't fire back at you.

    This is a game after all and everyone should have the same opportunity. Play whatever you want and enjoy the game. You can't learn without playing the game, making mistakes and watching other players.

    This is just my opinion.
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    KM_SuperBismarck reacted to Paladinum in Signal Flag Contest[UPDATE]   
    I have a problem with some of the "competitions", especially with the Santa's Gift event thingies. 
    WHEN will the winners be announced and the prizes be given?
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    KM_SuperBismarck got a reaction from Pete_the_pirate in Signal Flag Contest[UPDATE]   
    Nah. Sort of like how a raffle works, the more entries you get, the more chance you'll get the Massa.
    In total, there will be 3,050 winners: 3,000 will get camo, and 50 will get Massa.
    At least that's how I understood it.
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    KM_SuperBismarck reacted to BIGCOREMKP0I in Wargaming's Response to Farazelleth's CV questions / opinons   
    Its lost in translation to be honest, and its not "nope" all the time but this is the full explanation of a redditor on wows that has the answers.
    From a redditor named 
    ConohaConcordia:   Let me be the devils advocate:
    If you read the text on the screen as opposed to Fara reading it, essentially the Lead Designer says:
    "We don't want to make a new unpopular hardcore niche class instead of an old unpopular hardcore niche class."
    "Accessibility is a key principle in the new CV's design, and we cannot drop it for the sake of habits of hardcore people who can manage this. " -> The translator didn't quite catch the exact wording
    The current controls are enough for "99.9%" of the task and autopilot will be improved now that more people are using it. WG cannot do a redesign of feature because it doesn't work sometimes.
    The deficiency in CVs' defensive capabilities are by design a "fee" they have to pay as the ultimate spotter, indirect damager and initiative taker.
    Two simultaneously controlled avatars is a "very hard conception for vast majority of players."
    None of those seems very offensive or condescending. It says most players have difficulty multitasking and while that may sound condescending, many in this thread pointed out that a 46%er will indeed have problems. One of the problems of the RTS CVs were that they were too hard for the vast majority of players, and this was widely agreed by the community. Putting this into perspective, the devs were probably right.
    Now let's look at Fara's original proposal:
    The CV "should have the equal ability to defence without sacrificing its offense."
    "Autopilot is unreliable and inaccurate no matter how much you refine it." Basically saying: your design is shit, your efforts will be in vain.
    "Removing any control from the player towards Automation is just wrong." No explanation, no place that can be argued. Fara was not presenting an opinion. He was presenting an opinion as if it is a fact.
    "Those of us who wishes to play the game properly without any assistance or loss of control feel we MUST have full control" A demand. Also implies people that doesn't do this is insecure and is not playing improperly.
    If you think of it, it is very strongly worded. This is a given as Fara is an invested CV main, but was he right? The lead designer thinks "Nope" (which btw, is for some reason singled out in separate paragraphs for whatever reason), and reasons that it is a tradeoff the CVs must pay, and it is more accessible to other players that this "full sequential control" ability is left out.
    For the sake of argument, let me also analyse what Fara's proposal will do:
    The current automatic DCP is so strong. In my games I barely take damage from DoT anyways. Changing this to a semiautomatic system necessitates a massive nerf of CVs' innate DoT resistance and forces people to manage their DCP manually --- people who still uses automatic DCP will get punished extremely hard. This is extra strain on the CV player though it is somewhat justified.
    I agree that at least you should see what your CV's rudder and speed is. Sometimes the autopilot is reversing and you don't know, or you want it to reverse but it is turning instead.
    CVs will be able to pre-place their planes on various places on the map. Now imagine you fought off a Midway's torpedo bombers. Instead of it coming back with HE bombers in 40s, it will come back to you with a full squadron of HE bombers in 10 seconds. Enjoy your triple fires for the full duration. Don't forget the rocket planes near by that will guarantee all your fire slots are lit.
    Now imagine two Midways instead of one.
    Of course, potatoes will forget about their planes and lose them all.
    Will you agree to all of that? Most certainly no, especially some people that want CVs deleted. But instead of thinking about the dev's arguments, of which some are in your interest, we dismiss them because the tone of the script reader and semantics.
    Now, that is what I think will lead to the death of this game.
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    KM_SuperBismarck reacted to Eggy_Bro in A Case for Inclusivity   
    So... this post has been inspired by a comment on one of my older posts. "Noob players who crowd the playerbase and reduce the skill level should leave." I believe is a rough interpretation of what was said.
    I am of the opinion that new players should be nurtured and given the chance to get better over time. I suppose most people could be of my opinion, but stay silent about it. But that just leaves the loud majority of posts berating new players who don't know any better.
    Now we can't solve idioticy, but we can always help cure ignorance. I'm definitely not the best player out there. I'm not even in the low unicum ranges (I think). However, I enjoy playing this game, and the communities I've engaged with have built a very positive experience. So to maintain this game's health, I'm going to make a case for Newcomers and Inclusivity. 
    Since WoWs became available on Steam, there has been a great influx of green commanders. New players who found this game interesting and want to give it a try. 
    The training wheels for this game, I feel, come off when a player reaches either tier 4 or 5. That is about when a player has to start playing against actual players should they wish to sustain reasonable growth. However, according to friends of mine who used to play, this is also when a lot of new players simply drop out and stop playing. (ie, they stopped playing when they reached t5) 
    I switched over to playing against actual players really by accident when I reached t4. I had a violent shock back then. The skill level difference in playing against predictable AI versus unpredictable humans was immense. By the time I had joined WoWs though, I did have CS:GO and TF2 under my belt. So I at least understood the concept of differences in player skill. And that improving would increase my enjoyment of the game. 
    So I persevered, eventually getting good enough to reach the higher tiers and do reasonably well. 
    Most new players coming to WoWs though would probably be less experienced. They might not have yet grasped the concept of having to improve their own skills in a game. After all, a wide range of games are based off the concept of merely having your ingame avatar get more powerful while you yourself as a player remain relatively unchallenged. 
    In WoWs, however, you as a player have to improve along with your ship. As you climb up the tier ladder, you will face more seasoned players with more experience with the game. They know how to manage their consumables, how to coordinate with each other and how to use map geometry to their advantage. New players need to learn these skills to be able to do well, in lower tiers yes, but especially in higher tiers. 
    There are people out there who help. Yuro to name one produces guides on how to optimally play certain ships. Even through memes seemingly inserted purely for entertainment, his videos both show and tell players how to improve. (This does require players to actually put effort into analysing his playstyle and understanding why what he does works, but I didn't say getting gud was easy. Also honestly, Flamu's guides are very much catered to NA and don't suit the Asia meta as much) 
    There are some out there who are seemingly out to make the problem worse. Those who chose not to learn, and refuse to take input from others. Worse still, they take any opportunity to beat down those below them, giving them the smallest sense of superiority to pad their fragile egos. These players do nothing to help new commanders who genuinely want to improve. More than likely, they will end up driving these new players away, with their perceptions of the game forever soured by a few bad apples. 
    Bad apples will exist in any game. That is an inevitability. But for those who believe that nurturing new players should be the way to go, try as much as possible to encourage new players. 
    Do not just give them purely positive feedback. That is a fast track to breeding complacency and causing even more potential toxicity. Try instead to give constructive feedback. Help them rectify their problematic points and teach them how to get better. (I understand that better is a subjective term. But in this game it usually manifests as higher average damage and better win-rate) 
    I have found that certain clans are quite supportive and friendly when it comes to playing and improving. The guys over at [1-ATF] were a bit overbearing but still helped me learn how to play destroyers effectively. (Thanks) These would be the ideal kind of clan most players join first. 
    There are some who only provide positive feedback, however. And while it preserves the player's will to stay, does not encourage them to get better. And they will inevitably get upset when someone calls them out on their apparent lack of skill. (Certain Australian clans that shall remain unnamed I'm looking at you) 
    TL;DR, I believe that us more experienced players should help newer players and encourage them to get better. We should not drive them away, but we should also not praise them to the point of complacency. A positive community focussed on improvement and growth is the best kind of community. Memes included. 
    This has been a long post. For those who took the time, thank you. I hope this post has encouraged you to help. If not I hope it was at least interesting to read. Until next time, Fair Winds. 
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    KM_SuperBismarck got a reaction from ButteredWafflez in When is the 7.0 update due to start?   
    Why does this remind me of alot of waiting lines of first-opening stores in malls xD

    "Sorry, I apologize, Razer store will open at 9:30."
    "Sorry, it's actually 10:30"
    "We'll give you free food, pass it around, cause it might open around 12:30"
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    KM_SuperBismarck reacted to ButteredWafflez in When is the 7.0 update due to start?   
    And those Premium accounts, considering they monitor them by the minute.
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    KM_SuperBismarck reacted to HMS_Swiftsure_08 in Huh? One Day Left? But I Thought...   
    The original due date is 18th Jan, right at the server restart/patch day, the extended two days goes after that, till 20th Jan.
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    KM_SuperBismarck reacted to RalphTheTheatreCat in What am I doing wrong?   
    Don't take this the wrong way but getting 95% in coop is not indicative of any kind of skill ceiling.  Just treat it for what it is.  Bots don't reflect real players.  Dissecting your random battle stats is where you can find out what goes right or wrong.  I'm no Unicum but I would suggest that you aren't playing a significant part in the game with avg 11 k damage and about 30% survival rate.  Bearing in mind that you've got less than 500 random battles, this will improve with more exposure.
    You seem like you like Russian cruisers so you need to learn to take the shots when you aren't a target and run when you are.  Youre not in a position to trade damage, but are they to chip away at the enemy ships and to assist in the DD's incap denial. You've got shit armour but great guns.   Use them and deny the enemy a chance to take large parts of your health.  
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    KM_SuperBismarck reacted to rouge42 in Ranked Battles   
    Last season was tier 7, but that season was just belfast and premiums galore. This season is only tier 6, but who knows, maybe the next season will be tier 8's only or something else
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    KM_SuperBismarck reacted to Syanda in What's worse than being a noob? A sour losing noob.   
    Didn't you report someone seven times as well?
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    KM_SuperBismarck reacted to Admiral_Yularen in CV player letter to non CV player   
    So i as a CV player i often meet words "Noob CV" "Useless CV" "remove CV from the game", it happen mostly when those players think we CV players can't give air support, so here what i said: unlike other ship classes that have unlimited ammunitions carrier have limited number of planes, so in one hand we must help our team by giving air support and in another hand we must protect our squadrons or we only become floating AA.
    Here is a letter from a friend name Le Tran Huy Tuan in WOWS facebook group that is correct (i have to edit it because some words, you know...)
    "A normal letter from a normal CV player to all player who don’t play CV or just stop at tier 4 - 6 :v
    Dear fellow captain, good or bad, male or female, from a BB sniper and camp for an entire game to a cheeky DD player

    Today, I represent for all CV player, from the one who just play for fun to the one who are real hardcore gamer, to say that there are some kind of players in game really make us uncomfortable (I don’t want to say this but u guys really weirdboo in some way = = )
    The first one I want to blame is the player who go alone (We still dunno why he goes alone - Especially when that guy is playing IJN BB -_- ) and get sunk by enemy CV at the start of the game, then he blame us because have let him die (Seriously m8 = = ). Well, he die in bad way, so we don’t really care about it but the thing that make us angry is he blame us for some thing that us even not do. How can we protect all ships (12 ships is not a joke :v ) that go separate and spread out just like a tech tree (I know u guy want to cap - Want to camp or do something but u guys really need to watch the minimap and sure that team members is near u guy )
    CV is very good vessel (But CV player is human :v ) so we can’t do air support and attack enemy at the same time (Except for CV player who usually use auto drop - Those guys really learn how to use manual drop :v ) - Stop blaming us because u guy die in that way = =
    The next one is the blamer :v LOL :v Have u ever play CV? U get spotted by enemy CV - Blame - U get attack by enemy bomber - Blame - U get focus by enemy CV - Blame = =
    Guys - Pls - Can u stop being childish? This game mechanics is make for teammates to support each other (I know lot of u guy won’t agree to this but I have to admit that if u guy not in a division - No one would give tips about support teammates = = )
    Go near your teammates - AA nowadays is no joke for CV and if u guy use it right - Enemy CV will be avoid you (Despite I already have Haku - I still feel pain when play Ryujo and met Cleveland or North Carolina :v )
    Don’t run into blank water (Or too far from your team) - If u met enemy there - Nobody can help u (Don’t blame CV for not help - We have more importance thing to deal with than use all planes to cover only u = = )
    The third things is those the one that never play CV and like to prove that they know everything about CV (This one is the most [content removed] thing I have ever met in this game so far = = )
    Pls - CV is 1 real player - Just like u guy so don’t blame them for running the mod u guy don’t like (Low tier US Strike CV get triggered everyday :v )
    When u going to blame CV player for not run Air Superity Mod - Pls remember that u are not their master - They are equal with u guys in every aspect and of course, they can have their own choice. If they want to play Strike - They will go Strike CV - U can’t blame them for that
    And if u guy can’t stand that? Fine! Go play CV and run the mode u want :v Guys - CV have the lowest player when compare to other class and I will be very thankful if u guy play it :3
    U think CV is easy to play? Right :v CV too OP pls nerf, CV is insane pls nerf, CV is unstoppable, CV is..bla..bla...
    AA guns is not just to decorate your ship
    Go together is not just a joke
    And CV planes nowadays is very weak when compare to AA at same tier from normal BB
    And DV player have to deal with enemy fighter too, not just AA from enemy ships
    So pls
    Next time don’t blame us for not sending planes to kill DD near US cruiser or BB or enemy fighter
    U guy really have no idea what actually u guys just ask for = =."
    So that what also i was thinking i even made a meme when i see this WOWS reality

    That's all i want to said thanks for your understanding
    Derogatory. Post edited, user sanctioned.
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    KM_SuperBismarck reacted to Sekba in And you guys are all expecting Yamato to brawl?It cant !   
    I think I found the problem:

  17. Cool
    KM_SuperBismarck got a reaction from BIGCOREMKP0I in USS Saratoga (Premium)   
    Derp, should probably make a tier 8 IJN Premium Carrier then. Probably Unryu? :v
    Also, no. You're proposal is basically a buffed Shokaku put into the US side.
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    KM_SuperBismarck got a reaction from BroOfBrighton in What German BB are you planning to keep?   
    Bismarck, no discussion
  19. Cool
    KM_SuperBismarck got a reaction from BIGCOREMKP0I in German BBs are coming, Royal Navy will shine out soon (Probably Carrier tech tree)   
    Still hoping for a Graf Spee/Graf Zeppelin Premium Carrier though, whether or not it will come. Oh CV players would be having a field day when DD's sneak up on them only to be met with secondaries of 88mm guns xD
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    KM_SuperBismarck reacted to Sekba in Free nickname change...   
    I think he's referring to the fact that the word 'you' is considered an offensive word by WG 
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    KM_SuperBismarck got a reaction from Kreigg in A Suggestion to make PvE matches more worthwhile...   
    7 (hoomans) vs. 12 (bots)
    And I do hope they don't turn it into some sort of Rampage mode like in the other game next door. -.-
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    KM_SuperBismarck reacted to RepublicTrooper in How to fix the poor high tier meta   
    Reduce/ remove Repair Costs, problem solved