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  1. KM_SuperBismarck

    When is the 7.0 update due to start?

    Why does this remind me of alot of waiting lines of first-opening stores in malls xD "Sorry, I apologize, Razer store will open at 9:30." "Sorry, it's actually 10:30" "We'll give you free food, pass it around, cause it might open around 12:30"
  2. KM_SuperBismarck

    When is the 7.0 update due to start?

    9:21am GMT +8 and its still no sight of an update. If this goes past their intended hour, they better extend the DoY missions for another day xD
  3. KM_SuperBismarck

    Huh? One Day Left? But I Thought...

    ...the Battle of the North Cape and New Year Raid was extended for 2 days?
  4. My only grub is that some missions on the Carrier stage needs a tier 9-10 cv... Knowing the current cv population usually sticks to tier 7 max, yeah that'll take a loong time. Other than that, people should be glad that Yamamoto isn't an OP captain in the first place. Remember that overpowered tier 10 russian medium tank in WoT that made people play a certain game mode?
  5. KM_SuperBismarck

    UK Battleships Are OP

    Battleships erasing Cruisers are normal. It's been happening even before German battleships arrived in WoWs. If I were to adjust the British BB line as a whole, I'd reduce their agility (make them more prone to get hit by torps as a price for having that much of concealment) and armor, as well as the popular opinion goes, tweak the HE rounds. The way I see it, British BB line, again as a whole, is a BattleCruiser line. It's just unfortunate that with the current meta of HE, Cruisers, and DD's, the British BB fill a big role that outright stomps on DD's and CA's if left unchecked.
  6. I know it's not in their priority list yet, but they better be taking notes when they finally decide to fix matchmaking. (I know the devs will, its just a question of when.) Even before the game started, I quickly questioned the lineup: How come the enemy team has at least two ships with radar, whilst our team doesn't? Ship for ship, or consumable wise, how are we supposed to even up the playing field?
  7. KM_SuperBismarck

    About Bot

    I don't mind CV players going for the enemy CV. My condition is, if they do that, they better take out the enemy CV on the first or second wave. If they keep going for the enemy CV afterwards, even after he lost so many planes, then he's practically neglecting to do the one big thing CV's are meant to do in this game: supporting allies.
  8. KM_SuperBismarck

    [PH] Battle for Dunkirk

    Here's hoping I got ze ticket
  9. KM_SuperBismarck

    [PH] Battle for Dunkirk

    It didn't say "in a single battle" so I assume you can get 5 Devastating Strike from 5 different Random Battles.
  10. KM_SuperBismarck


    The thing about Saipan is, if the user is clearly bad or you can outmatch him (somehow), it's not much of a stress dealing with Saipan.
  11. KM_SuperBismarck

    I wanna know that how to save ARP ships from removing

    Since we're on the topic of ARP ships, wasn't it that players who has the Yokosuka Port selected are the only ones who could see the other players using ARP ships? When the Yokosuka Port is gone, will the same be true when we select that special filter in the carousel? Or would everyone see that someone is using an ARP ship?
  12. KM_SuperBismarck

    0.5.15 Japanese Destroyers Reshuffle Feedback

    Honestly, I feel like the Torpedo line has its torpedo speed nerfed too much. 57 knots is too slow imo, probably up it around 59. And why is there a torpedo reloader for the gun boat line? I don't see why they would need them if the focus is their guns and their torpedoes being a last resort (if they're trying to make it that). Then again I haven't played the high tier IJN DD's, just up to tier 6-7.
  13. KM_SuperBismarck

    CV player letter to non CV player

    Experienced Carrier players in a nutshell
  14. KM_SuperBismarck

    USS Saratoga (Premium)

    Derp, should probably make a tier 8 IJN Premium Carrier then. Probably Unryu? :v Also, no. You're proposal is basically a buffed Shokaku put into the US side.
  15. KM_SuperBismarck

    "Kantai Collection Movie: Fubuki's Final Story" Thread

    Not that I hate her it's just that her character is cliche. :/