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  1. KM_SuperBismarck

    Well thought out stage requirement

    The last time WG let players write the mission requirements, it didn't turn out so well either. I remember back in WoT there was a time where WG allegedly let unicum players "adjust" the mission difficulty, and though they were doable, they were so hard that people began rigging games just to finish them. I'm not justifying that these missions stay as they are though. As people here already said, it's as if they're written/made by someone who doesn't play the game.
  2. No, it's not Isoroku Yamamoto. This was asked by Yamamoto Gombei, then Chief of the Navy Ministry's Secretariat, before the First Sino-Japanese War. Just thought I'd share 😀 Source: Kaigun: Strategy, Tactics and Technology in the Imperial Japanese Navy 1887-1941
  3. KM_SuperBismarck

    Signal Flag Contest[UPDATE]

    They're still probably buying the 50 massachussetts from the premium store xD
  4. KM_SuperBismarck

    Aircraft Carriers!

    I'll keep mine until they remove CV in its entirety.
  5. KM_SuperBismarck

    Signal Flag Contest[UPDATE]

    Nah. Sort of like how a raffle works, the more entries you get, the more chance you'll get the Massa. In total, there will be 3,050 winners: 3,000 will get camo, and 50 will get Massa. At least that's how I understood it.
  6. KM_SuperBismarck

    The Kriegsmarine's Greatest Gamble: The Channel Dash

    Who would've thought that, despite the Kriegsmarine being almost annihilated, they humiliated the Royal Navy not just once (sinking the HMS Hood), but twice? (op: cerberus)
  7. KM_SuperBismarck

    Signal Flag Contest[UPDATE]

    Start doing some COOP too. It said "BATTLES" with no specifics whatsoever, I assume COOP battle mode is included as well. They haven't responded, so I assume COOP battle mode is also included. Edit: I bet you you can mount 8 flags, get in a coop battle, and as soon as it starts, leave back to port and get in another coop battle with 8 flags. Wow, this is so easily abused...
  8. KM_SuperBismarck

    Signal Flag Contest[UPDATE]

    I mean, winners get chosen by the amount of raffles they have. So yeah, lots of tier 5-8 8-flag COOP spamming. 😞
  9. KM_SuperBismarck

    Signal Flag Contest[UPDATE]

    Still no word on which battle modes are allowed.
  10. KM_SuperBismarck

    When is the 7.0 update due to start?

    Why does this remind me of alot of waiting lines of first-opening stores in malls xD "Sorry, I apologize, Razer store will open at 9:30." "Sorry, it's actually 10:30" "We'll give you free food, pass it around, cause it might open around 12:30"
  11. KM_SuperBismarck

    When is the 7.0 update due to start?

    9:21am GMT +8 and its still no sight of an update. If this goes past their intended hour, they better extend the DoY missions for another day xD
  12. KM_SuperBismarck

    Huh? One Day Left? But I Thought...

    ...the Battle of the North Cape and New Year Raid was extended for 2 days?
  13. My only grub is that some missions on the Carrier stage needs a tier 9-10 cv... Knowing the current cv population usually sticks to tier 7 max, yeah that'll take a loong time. Other than that, people should be glad that Yamamoto isn't an OP captain in the first place. Remember that overpowered tier 10 russian medium tank in WoT that made people play a certain game mode?
  14. KM_SuperBismarck

    UK Battleships Are OP

    Battleships erasing Cruisers are normal. It's been happening even before German battleships arrived in WoWs. If I were to adjust the British BB line as a whole, I'd reduce their agility (make them more prone to get hit by torps as a price for having that much of concealment) and armor, as well as the popular opinion goes, tweak the HE rounds. The way I see it, British BB line, again as a whole, is a BattleCruiser line. It's just unfortunate that with the current meta of HE, Cruisers, and DD's, the British BB fill a big role that outright stomps on DD's and CA's if left unchecked.
  15. I know it's not in their priority list yet, but they better be taking notes when they finally decide to fix matchmaking. (I know the devs will, its just a question of when.) Even before the game started, I quickly questioned the lineup: How come the enemy team has at least two ships with radar, whilst our team doesn't? Ship for ship, or consumable wise, how are we supposed to even up the playing field?