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  1. I made a visual mod that paints the ships' citadel area light red with their thickness on it so it might be easier for the players to assess if they can penetrate their enemy's armor in battle. Armor structure and thickness of all ships can be viewed in the port so I think it might be OK to paint them on ships but I'm not sure. I uploaded a picture that shows the appearance of ships with this mod. To be on the safe side, I currently made only 5 of them and none is published or be used in battle. This mod only modifies texture (.dds) files of ships and does nothing with other parts of the game. I'd like to know if this mod is legal or not from WG official so I can decide to continue making it or stop doing that. Thanks.
  2. I know some of the technique against Belfast which you have talked about, but when encountering a experienced Belfast player, no one could be much effective. 1. For BBs, to shoot into smoke (with spotter plane or not). This is not very effective because of 4 reasons. (1) When not locked on, the spread of the shells is really huge. (2) Belfast will angle in smoke. (3) Belfast will move back and forth in smoke while shooting. (4) You can't go very close to Belfast or you will be burnt to death and have no chance to escape, so you have to shoot her from a longer distance. Because of the 4 reasons above, it may take you several (maybe 2 or 3) salvos to get a hit with 3-4k damage, and for a citadel, there is rather little chance. In such long time, Belfast can easily set a lot of fire on your or your teammate's BBs. And you just wasted several salvos and get 3-4k damage, which is not doing much for your team. 2. For DDs, to fire torps into smoke. This is not very effective because of 3 reasons. (1) Belfast will active her hydro when she is in smoke. The 100s duration time of her hydro perfectly covers her 103s smoke duration time. (2) Belfast will smoke besides a island, so when torps come she could simply hide behind the island. (3) DDs (and CA/CLs) in T7 and T8 have a 10km or less torps range, It is very danger for a DD to get to that distance to Belfast. if you are spotted by an enemy DD, you will definitely lose the dogfight, and lose half or more of your HP, or get killed. 3. To call your teammates to concentrate fire on Belfast while she is not in smoke. That may be the only way you can deal a lot of damage to her. That is also what I always trying to do while encountering her. But: (1) That kind of chance is few. Belfast have a 103s smoke duration time and a 160s smoke generator cooldown time. That means she can spend almost 2/3 time staying in smoke. When the smoke time is about to over, she will simply run back and wait until the next smoke is ready. With 4 consumables, she can stay in smoke for about 7 min total. That time is enough to decide the result of the game. (2) Sometimes a DD or other ships with smoke (grouped with Belfast or not) will smoke for Belfast, and with her own smoke, she can hide in smoke for almost the whole game. (3) To be forced to concentrate fire on a certain ship, meaning you are giving other enemies chances to shoot you freely. On the other hand, you have to concentrate fire one a certain ship or you will definitely lose, itself explains how much this ship is unbalanced. 4. To kite her, in other words, to stay away from her, but it is what the Belfast player really want you to do, especially in a domination mode game. With doing that you could temporarily prevent yourself from losing a lot of HP, but that also means you are forced to be far from the front line. At that moment Belfast will not chase you, instead, she can simply change her target to your teammates in front and force him to flee too. When everyone is fleeing back, your team will lose control of cap and being chased across the map. That is most common way you lose in a game encountering Belfast. In conclusion, the most overpowered point of Belfast is that she creates a huge area around her which no one dare to enter, and this area can last 7 min or more in a 20 min game. Any ship entering that area will be forced to flee by her HE, or get killed or lose a lot of HP. That gives her team huge superiority of controlling the cap and even a side of the map.
  3. Belfast is definitely the most disgustingly overpowered ship in this game. I don't know the exact winrate because it has never been disclosed by WG, but i guess it's around 75% in T7 or T8 battles. She is overpowered even being a T8 ship. The most disgusting problem is, with HE + smoke + radar + hydro, she have no weak point, and no one can counter her (don't talk about she have no torps and CQC, you won't have any chance to rush in to that distance and stay alive). Instead, using smoke and radar she can easily kill a DD or burn a BB to death without being spoted and losing any HP. When encountering her, there is nothing you can do, except giving her 9 reports and waiting your team to lose, no matter which type of ship you are using. She definitely ruins the whole game and everyone's game experiences except the player who is using it. Every time she appears in battle, it makes 1 player happy and 12 players annoyed and thinking about uninstalling this game and never play it again. Don't try to cover up the problem (WG do you have courage to disclose the winrate of Belfast in T7 and T8 battles?), and don't talk about excuses such as premium ships can never be nerfed. Learn from Blizzard please, WG.
  4. There is also a wrong description in traditional Chinese translation of mission 5, task 4 , which says "Deal 90,000 dmg to BB in a single battle" instead of "Deal 90,000 TORPEDO dmg to ANY enemy ship in a single battle". Really a confusing and frustrating bug. Please fix this.
  5. 蒼藍任務獲得的船因為不可出售,都會附送船位,這樣原來的可用船位就不會增加也不會減少。但是指揮官的情況不一樣。預備隊有空位時,蒼藍任務獲得的指揮官會自動佔用預備隊中的空位,而不會附送預備隊位置擴充,而蒼藍任務獲得的指揮官都是不可解僱的,蒼藍的艦艇數量又不足以指派所有的指揮官,這就導致了我的預備隊都被蒼藍的指揮官佔滿而無法放置其他國家的指揮官。但是,如果獲得蒼藍指揮官時預備隊已滿,會自動附送預備隊位置擴充。所以,必須在完成任務前把預備隊填滿,獲得指揮官后才不會減少實際可用的預備隊位置。 我認為這是個錯誤的設定,系統應該把蒼藍的指揮官放置在單獨的預備隊里,與其他國家的指揮官互不影響。希望官方人員回復一下這個問題。