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  1. Am ok with it, just do not over-saturate since the original game caps are already vibrant. It's a little bit frustrating that only a few people would be interested here just like xDave1337x 's post about sharing the captures too. I do think that everyone's quite busy with the Arpeggio missions though.
  2. sent you mine...not a lot though hehe.
  3. if you notice, the fire cuts a hole below the waterline that causes an invisible flooding damage. another thing to consider, the ships are actually made of wood painted and assembled like metal. so when you sink due to 3 to 4 stacks of fire on your ship, it's 'normal'.
  4. If they will not remove the free EXP caused by the mistake they made, that's fine. on one condition, all players who have spent paying for doubloons to get access to the conversion to free EXPs shall have as much amount provided to them, whether they have completed the Arpeggio missions or not. Does it sound unfair all of sudden? I don't think so.
  5. cszino

    Kill count again ?

    ShiraYukira, try to imagine that you're only doing the daily mission. Normally, these missions aren't noticeable in game, and you'll be surprised that you're actually completing it without knowing. So, you'll be better off by playing each game normally, like usual, you may get kills maybe every once in a while and soon you'll have your count rising without knowing. besides, whether there's a kill or not, as long as you did your role, you'll be getting, ship and captain XP, credits, and free XP along the way! Have fun!
  6. cszino

    BB vs russian DD

    the smokescreen's issue is that it's mostly effective on one side only. as the gunner, drop a smoke, i can see through it, just keep on firing, dropping torpedoes and all. this is why, smokescreens must only be used defensively rather than both. else, in all circumstances, CL/A, BB, and CVs should have at least a pop of those for their own protection.
  7. cszino

    Make Battleships more competative

    I have to agree with RebelliousYankee on this. I tried my best to get the NoCal the soonest possible, and played few games with it. Well, it's squishy for my style of playing, and when it happens to be an unlucky game, the consequence is unbearable. I was losing all credits down the drain. 4 stacks of fire from CA/DD, totally nonsense. Right now, I am leaning towards the IJN BB's and may spend my resources to that line for good. For the HE gunners and burners, I just hope they can implement a dynamic reload process called 'fatigue', wherein fast reloading guns will soon start to slow down if continues firing has been observed. Re-loaders get tired too, just like the gunners, that's why we get bad shell dispersion because of fatigue. External fires kill a huge portion of a BB's HP but never damages a single module, nonsense.
  8. cszino

    About Gameplay time.

    make it all zone battles and remove domination...let all meet in the middle and unleash the beasts.
  9. cszino

    [MOD] Kriegsmarine Skins by Edelweisse

    Thanks! Edelweisse. It surely is well made.
  10. cszino

    [MOD] Kriegsmarine Skins by Edelweisse

    Awesome! understood...will be waiting for the final output. cheers!
  11. cszino

    [MOD] Kriegsmarine Skins by Edelweisse

    Hi Edelweisse, what splendid skins you have here! btw, may I know if you still have the link for the skin quoted above?
  12. cszino

    Suggestion for the Ocean map.

    1. If more ships are required to de-cap the zone, then what happens when the last remaining ship would want to outperform the opposing team by itself. This'll lower the chances, of the determined team to null. 2. To avoid more draws in this game mode, if no one tries to cap, and the game has ran out of time, it would be better to recalculate the points of the remaining ships afloat (class-points in domination mode). 3. I want a variation of the Ocean map though, heavy fog, and low visibility...surprise attacks and blind firing all over. Everybody will be so active, they'll forget that they're within the zone cap
  13. cszino

    Commander skill redistribution

    agreed. cheers to you both.
  14. am still looking for more BB accuracy and limited ammunition.