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    ASIA Q&A, round 2

    Hi Sub, Do you forget the ship "LO YANG"? First, the Ship acquisition of the Cruiser's Hydroacoustic search has been strengthened to 4.44km(tier 8). But you did not do this in LOYANG. Now, the Germanic Destroyers(tier 8) have the Hydroacoustic Search whose ship acquisition is 4.44km. In the other words, LoYang's Hydroacoustic Search is the worst one in this game. Can you strengthen that? Second, the Loyang looks like the Benson with Hull C which has 4 main turrets. But the HP of Loyang is 14600 and the HP of Benson© is 15400. Can you tell me why and buff the Loyang or weaken the Benson? Third, there are a lot of differences between Benson and Loyang on torpedoes. The type of 533 mm Mk15mod.0 which equal to the Benson(A) torpedoes is very terrible. Now, there are more and more ships have radar and high concealment, the type of 533Mk 31 which range is 6 km is hard to use. So, can you add the MK15mod3 torpedoes to LOYANG? Benson has it, but LoYang does not. It's not fair. The premium ships are always same or better than elite ships like Tirpitz, Kutuzov, Alabama, Missouri, Prinz Eugen, Texas, Arizona, Kamikaze( Fujin, R), Gremyashchy, Murmansk, Marblehead, Leningrad, and SUUUUUPER ship Belfast. I have all of them except the Prinz Eugen because I think the Eugen is equal but not better than the Hipper. As the above mentioned, Loyang is worse than Benson but it is a premium ship. I think you should strengthen it with above aspects. I am willing to pay for winning. Although it's not fair, pay for losing is worse than it. Isn't it?