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  1. USN carrier need buff

    I mean right now there is no reason to use the IJN carriers. They are so much better then there USN counterparts. The only good USN carrier is the Sapian but of cause you have to open your pocket. The Carrier deck upgrades are really bad for the USN (Early). I think the USN Carriers need a buff.
  2. At last I won a match at last and there was no Lemming trains.
  3. But I don,t even play PVE anymore.
  4. Aways try to be the part of the train but when you only go 16 knots. Just had a team the when full train too the left. We fought the BBs and stuff at there cap we lost and then I died in my CV.
  5. I do help MY team out I get 2 kills each match which not bad for me as a starter. It just my team doing the wrong thing.
  6. I noticed the the games I lose (As a CV Captain) is the ones where my team was a lemming train. Is this happening because people want to be with BBs or what because I just get torpedoed by a DD coming through the middle or the other side. I do try to go with my Team mates but I am in the Bouge which goes 16 knots so yeah. (Please don't kill me for being a CV captain K?)
  7. World of Lemmings.

    I keep getting wrecked by CC and DDs that are Coming around the other side of the map and the Lemming train is on the other side. (I an playing CVs.)