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    Final Battle of North Cape Mission

    And we still have to play the other campaign (which has the same deadline to the battle of north cape) for T6 ships and camoes after you grinded for that DoY
  2. Izumi_Kanata

    Pan Asia Flag Poll Results

    Truly enough. As far as I know plenty of players in asia server are from mainland China. The ROCN flag flying by Lo Yang didn't make anyone piss out. Flags are censored in CN server because of laws in China, still players on CN server can, and some will, install mods to obtain original historical flags. Other servers shouldn't be affected by Chinese laws, thus flags shouldn't be censored on our servers. I have a feeling that it would cause more trouble in near future, if a Korean/Thai/Indonesian vessel have to use a Chinese captain and/or don't have the right national voiceovers.
  3. Izumi_Kanata

    0.6.3 game crash on startup

    One of my friend and I are encountering this issue after the update. My OS is Win10. The error message was: The BigWorld Client has encountered an unhandled exception and must close (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION : 0xC0000005 @ 0x0182717F) (Read @ 0x00000000) My friend's OS is Win7. The code on his error message was 0x0187717F I've tried to remove my mods, check intergrity, deleted WorldOfWarships.exe and res_packages and check intergrity to re-download them, still doesn't work. My friend is re-downloading the whole game. I don't know if others have encountered this issue; does re-installation fix the problem?