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    ASIA Q&A, round 1

    Hello Sub_Octavian: First we welcome you to the server which have the most camper player lol. So there have some question about the special server. 1. I think ASIA server is the most negative server, our player always camp behind the mountain, and the warrior who go for capturing will sunk soon with no support (and get lower exp with credit). WG have improved the earning for the player who know teamwork, but i think it is not enough, could WG give more buff for the teamworker, and give nerf for the camper? 2. Continue to Question 1, most of the camper are BB, and WG said BB player are too many in all server(from previous Q&A in other server), did WG have any plan to nerf BB in future 5 big patch? 3. WG have nerf the earning of afk player in previous patch, but i think the punishment is not enough to stop afk. Did WG have any plan to punish recidivist afk player like team killer? Yes i mean the punishment of player banned. Its not happy to lose due to afk player, i think WG should give severe punishment on afk player like teamkiller. And there have some question about balance of the game. 4. Medium tier US CV is obvious weaker than other CV(especially Ranger, it is almost lowest win rate ship of the game since open beta). I think the elite Ranger player can control it well, but the average is very poor(Ranger like a T6.5 ship), did WG have any buff of ranger? Ranger's concealment is weak(14.2 km, weaker than cruiser and IJN CV), AA cant stop IJN CV and Saipan to kill it first, maximum speed is too slow(29.5knot) If WG cant buff plane to break the balance, please buff survivability of poor medium tier US CV. 5. Same problem of medium tier IJN DD (especially Akatsuki), weaker concealment to higher(above T8) or lower(below T5) DD, lower HP(13100 lowest) so it is hard against other DD. Did WG have any plan to buff it? Finally thanks to visit ASIA server forum and have a Q&A. Red Text/Hard to read , Post Edited , User Warned Do not remove Moderator Red Text ~Ephys