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  1. antares031

    Soundtracks on Port / Profile / Tech Tree :D

    Honestly, this soundtracks are so awesome, and that's why I mixed three songs into one. Some people might don't like this version, but this one fits to my taste.
  2. antares031

    Which ship is the origin of german cruiser Roon?

    I thought the layout of Roon is sized-up version of Nurnberg considering that it has similar main armament placement; in the end, main armament is the identity of the ship IMHO. I agree that some parts of hull are may based on the one from P-class, but I'm not sure about it. Plus, keep in mind that P-class had two funnels that are separated with some spaces between them. It will make a different layout of engine room compare to the Roon which has similar funnel layout of Nurnberg or Admiral Hipper class. ......Mother of god?!
  3. I bet this topic is debatable, but I want know the true source of this made-up german cruiser, Tier IX Roon. Apparently, the russian community suggests that this ships is based on the P-class panzerschiffe(http://goo.gl/1IT7hT), while there are only few references of P-class to this ship. First of all, as I mentioned, P-Class was a "panzerschiffe" which are armed with at least 11" as main armament. Plus, the overall design of Roon is similar to light cruiser Nurnberg rather than P-class. The layout of main armaments(one turret at bow, two turrets at stern), shape of superstructure and funnel is pretty much identical to Nurnberg. And the developers put some reference of other WW2 ships, including P-class, to this fictional ship. They took the 8" as main armaments from Admiral Hipper and upgraded them from twin to triple, took the side secondary armaments from Deutschland, and took the idea from P-class that placing twin 5.9" turret right behind the front main armament. Overall, this ship is a heavy cruiser version of Nurnberg with adding references from various german cruisers. Currently, there's no clear explanation about it in the game client. If the developers made a fictional ship based on the projected ship, I suggest to put some explanations about it in the game. What's your opinion about this one? Is Roon based on P-class panzerschiffe, or other ship? If there's a official statement from Wargaming about this topic, it will be appreciated. P.S.: Tier X is obviously based on Admiral Hipper class. There's no doubt about it.
  4. antares031

    Blue Line abuse replay collection thread

    Two enemy Aoba blue-lining 'till they sunk. http://www.mediafire.com/download/bk3g515r2r1ibbb/20150810_225749_PASC007-Cleveland-1945_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay
  5. antares031

    The highest latency I've ever seen in my life

    Oops, same topic. But at least you had a better ping, only about thousands, than I had.
  6. I was playing random match with my St. Louis, then I encountered serious lag problem. I checked the ping on the top-left, and it said over 8,000. Yeah, It took me more than 10 seconds to react to my command. After that battle, of course I restarted the game first and checked my connection status with no problem, I tried Co-op match to find out that there's still connection issue. It was even worse than the last round. I checked out the ping, and the result was something I have never seen before. P.S : I don't live in Mars.
  7. antares031

    The MM is trying hard to make our team lose

    In that case, I think this one will help. I wonder why they only had a single cruiser.
  8. antares031

    Blue Line abuse replay collection thread

    Enemy Hosho used blue-lining to dodge my torpedo bombers and my teammate's, and keep on blue-lining until the end. http://www.mediafire.com/download/ho44x6knenznxeo/20150731_233549_PJSA006-Zuiho-1944_13_OC_new_dawn.wowsreplay
  9. antares031

    The MM is trying hard to make our team lose

    Have you ever seen like this? The ultimate aircraft carrier balance.
  10. antares031

    Blue Line abuse replay collection thread

    Three enemy ships, Atago, Aoba, Fuso, tried blue-lining to advance right side. (from around 14:00) http://www.mediafire.com/download/h1g8mjcdok8bjyr/20150730_140446_PJSA012-Zuikaku-1944_15_NE_north.wowsreplay
  11. antares031

    Blue Line abuse replay collection thread

    Enemy Myogi bluelining near the end to deny our win. http://www.mediafire.com/download/f1yjv8oltleyciv/20150729_130339_PJSA006-Zuiho-1944_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay
  12. antares031

    Blue Line abuse replay collection thread

    Iowa keep blue-lining until he sank or won. Both replays feature same blue-lining Iowa user. As an enemy team : http://www.mediafire.com/download/kk9m350ez8e270a/20150728_153910_PASC014-New-Orlean-1944_00_CO_ocean.wowsreplay As an ally team : http://www.mediafire.com/download/arxvzmfyv62ha7l/20150728_155758_PASC014-New-Orlean-1944_15_NE_north.wowsreplay
  13. antares031

    When 2 blue liners meet together...

    You know what really made me angry during that battle? Our team managed to sink every single enemy ships, except that undead Atago. We couldn't give any damage to that ship, even torpedoes didn't work. In the end, the opposite team won the battle since they earned enough capture points. We could win that round if that Atago didn't cause that exploit. That was totally bulls***.
  14. antares031

    Isn't 20 minutes for a battle too short?

    Right, NF and WoWS are totally different game. But, at least NF has a solution to side-crawling, which is called "No way out". Plus, they determine the winning team based on the total attack points of team members, leaving no draw matches.
  15. antares031

    Isn't 20 minutes for a battle too short?

    I hope it happens to me one day. Sadly, most of the times, they managed to deny a win for us :s In my experience, I was playing North with standard battle and both teams went defensive strategy. And our team finally scored first blood after ten and a half minutes are gone. More than a half of ships are survived until we draw the match. And speaking of UI, It would be good if there's sound effect of announcer, indicating how much time is left like "The battle ends in five minutes!". I'm tired of reminding our teammates that time is running out. Since they tried 25~30 minutes before and players found that this is boring, there's no option for me I guess.