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  1. Well... Hello i'ts actually my first post so put it right here.... So.. I have some Silly question which is kind of Out of Topic... How does the Squadron Leader can say "Group "number (2-9)" Destroyed" even though He and his squadmates were shot down by Fighters or/and AA guns? Why they dont say like "Group 7,We're un *Static* ^&%%76 *Signal Lost*" or like "Oh noooooooo!!!!!! *Signal Lost* Can anyone solve this one? CV users? anyone? And Did i'am the only one who had this problem or someone else does? -Okay if someone answers It was said from the Mission Control on the CV's Bridge,Well Why they say "Group (2-9) We're under attack" or "Group (2-9),Ready!"? When the Mission Control spells it out, It should be "Group (2-9) are under attack" or "Group (2-9) are ready to take off". -If someone answers The Squad Leader Bails out and reports it on the radio..... But,we saw the animation where the plane were destroyed midair,thats impossible for a pilot to survive to jump out from the aircraft which destroyed immidiately by an AA gun Okay that's my post,sorry if i put it in wrong section because this is was my first post.And uhh I also apologize if there is a mistake in my typing and/or the grammar i use.