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  1. Wolfe1138

    Fire Damage Changes

    Ok so it seems that my point has been completely missed as no one has given any reply that actually mentions my complaint, I'll try give an example of what I am talking about as it really is about a certain type of situation and not fires in general. I had a battle in my North Carolina once on Neighbours where I pushed forward leading the team I took a ton of damage including multiple fires dealt a heap in return and allowed my team to push forward as I headed behind an island for cover a single 6" shell from an enemy Cleveland hit me on the stern and started another fire, I was slowing down to hide behind an island so that I could recover some health and continue helping my team as a result there was nothing I could do except burn to death from a single hit. If I was hit by a 2 or 3 or more I can accept a fire starting but when it is just one shell and more luck than skill it gets annoying, Also I know my stats and at best I am an average player this is something that I think would be frustrating good players as well. Even if there isn't a change to fire chances surely the ability for a friendly to pull alongside and assist with putting fires out the way real navies did would be a change for the better and increase team play.
  2. Wolfe1138

    Fire Damage Changes

    So I was thinking about ways that the game could be made more fun and for me one of the most annoying things is fires. Now I know that fires are a part of the game and I accept their place as a balancing factor, But when there is an enemy cruiser hiding behind an island lobbing shells over it and one hits and sets a fire again and again, just one goddamn shell from each salvo and you can't even shoot back, it gets old quick. So maybe if fire chance was also linked to the amount of shells that hit so that a single shell less than battleship caliber could almost never start a fire or if there was a way for an allied ship to come alongside yours and assist with putting the fire out just to make the game play better. I am tired of getting hit with one high ex shell in my battleship after already using damage control (and I never use damage control for anything less than 2 fires or a flood) and being unable to even fight back just waiting for a single bloody fire to eat my last 4-5000 health and end my game. Rant over. Thoughts?