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    Premium shop anomaly

    Ok so, in the premium shop, 1 Guinea is $1.35. 5x Guineas is $6.79. But 5x $1.35 = $6.75 Why is it $0.04 dearer to buy 5x guineas than to buy 5 separate guineas? WG needs its employees to go back to maths school. It would be a good idea to correct the price. You may say, "Its a simple error." But over thousands of player transactions that amounts to a lot of extra $$$ that Wargaming is skimming from players. Also, promoting a 50% XP bonus over 5x games as a '250%' bonus is incorrect. The total is still only 50% bonus. These are marketing scams, clumsy and obvious. WG clean up your act please!
  2. Fogarty_Phegan

    Clan play in Pub 0.6.12

    Its really difficult to join or start a clan in the Public test. You can't participate without 7 members, so i haven't played clan battles at all so far. So it might be great on the live server but i could not tell you. Might be an idea if small clans can form a 'coalition' ???? Also, i joined a clan, we have 2 members, i haven't seen the other guy the whole time i have been on the server and i cant find a way to leave the clan and join another one. any thoughts? Duplicate post. Thread locked, user warned. ~amade