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  1. We should remove Saipan before the cv division remove
  2. Not as hurt when boardside to des moines
  3. Zao is too tough to play,slow turrets reverse,bad arc and slow reload,cant even prevail 1v1 with Des Moines nor Moskva,ignore it if you disagree
  4. 沒必要,反正X級服務器有VIII級船才有傷害,擊毀
  5. Before Kitakami was removed,which of the current IJN ca was not added to the game?
  6. Royal Navy needs to be NERFED instead of getting "buffed",how would you feel if you're a CA/BB taking shots for every 3 seconds from dumbass hiding in smoke?
  7. What's the difference between IJN and USN?What are the features of them?Is it worth to try USN?(Trying IJN VI)
  8. What's the criteria of highest rank?
  9. Time to equip defensive AA and catapult fighters to hindenburg
  10. Saipan is a horrible and dumbass presence,no wonder it frustrated players who are trying to get to Hakaryu
  11. If you're using IX-X CV,may I ask how you pass the period when you're in VII and always engage Saipan?
  12. About 20k for the cost,even I did enough damage,I still have to lose money instead of being paid...
  13. T7英巡算好了,米諾陶3秒一砲,1:30煙霧(大概),再者莫斯科和得梅因的雷達是皇家海軍的剋星,遇見莫斯科/得梅因,英巡死定
  14. Saipan sucks,I dont know what WG was thinking when they released VII premium CV with dumbass IX fighters,just stop playing cv,it cant affect the game much unless you're a legend CV player because BBs,CAs mostly armed with strong AA
  15. 德巡(尤其魯恩,興登堡)大多贏1v1巡洋戰,甚至主力艦,因為容易擊中裝甲區