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  1. Somedude_Yudachi

    Did they nerf Worcester?.___.

    I now got detected by dds even they're out of my radar._.
  2. Somedude_Yudachi

    Regarding Bots, AFKs, Riggers, Cheaters, and Abusers...

    EU,NA,RU:The server is all fine WG:Thx and have fun Asia:OMFG so many bots WG:_____________________
  3. Somedude_Yudachi

    It CAN happen!

    I even citadeled Bismarck with Moskva before( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. Somedude_Yudachi

    Can't claim a ship

    Clan battle is ended,no wonder you can't claim it
  5. Somedude_Yudachi

    Unrealistic Gameplay

    Largest scale of the current maps is 46km,if historically accurate,yamato could go to 42km,Which will eventually go to this
  6. Somedude_Yudachi

    My Current personal Target in WoWs

    And this thread has come back to death since I don't know when
  7. Somedude_Yudachi

    Old style game launcher

    "WGC is fine" Wargaming-2018
  8. You expect WG take actions on this... They even ignore the bot clan and the bot issues.....
  9. Somedude_Yudachi

    The Bank says no - Premium choice Take Two

    None,I pick Aurora and Krasnyy Krym ✌️
  10. Somedude_Yudachi

    Which Premium BB is the best?

    Hmm Tirpitiz I think,but I personally prefer Massssssschusetttttts for bigger guns and decent secondaries
  11. Somedude_Yudachi

    Players in Arms Race Vs Random

    Arm race DDs Random DDs
  12. Somedude_Yudachi

    Do you have Prinz Eugen - Do you like her?

    Love her,I even made aheago of her before and I watch her doujinshi And it's basically a Hipper but with better stats,if you do well in Hipper you'll also enjoy her
  13. Somedude_Yudachi

    Hiding Profile

    I agree and so do I I am not going to call one is a bad player just because they have a hidden profile(Well,though I call some players noob before due to their bad performace,I go mad sometimes in the game:d)