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  1. RN Normal Container OP

    I don't like Boruto
  2. Colorado : Not a bad ship eh.

    Of course not "Grandson,look!I walk faster than this giant!"
  3. RN Normal Container OP

    Because we don't drop sharkbait ✔
  4. Question about RN dds

    This is the first time I got a ship before it's officially released,I can now assign captain Nelson on Jervis without retraining,but will it remain the current status once RN dds are officially released?
  5. Colorado : Not a bad ship eh.

    My grandma runs faster than this ship
  6. How about make challenge mode like old Robocraft?T10 division VS 12 T4-T5/T5-T6
  7. Jervis quest ends at 19-11 but I wish to get Ligthening :/
  8. Their bots were better than mine

    https://clans.worldofwarships.asia/clans/gateway/wows/clan-profile/2000015362 Choose a bot from here,must be better than your bots( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. what happened to WOWs?

    Thought VOR would lose members fast just like Akatsuki
  10. what happened to WOWs?

    Yep I'll try to send applications to VOR after few years(Well,I may quit already at that time LOL)
  11. Quit while you're ahead?

    Still haven't changed the fact that you played a well game(Give me like plz)
  12. what happened to WOWs?

    I am sure VOR,SGC and such elite clans will dissolve after years if WG still not doing anything against bots and AFKs
  13. Operation zzzzzmo

    Why play operation? Faster and easier grind to modules and get rid of the stock asap Getting better amount of exp and move to T7 faster if it's not a defeat Get 5 stars rewards That's why it's boring as Finicial Union of Cossack Kingdom
  14. Supercontainer nerfed... again?

    The best I've got from SC.[l-.-..-,-.,.-,-.--,-.-.--.-----
  15. Doubloon "cash back" offer.

    What Wwwwhhhhaaaatttt Wwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhaaaaaatttttttt