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  1. Somedude_Yudachi

    Richelieu is an amazing BB

  2. Somedude_Yudachi

    We want to block Chinese access!!!

    Was curious of why those koreans, taiwanese, indonesian and thai are so triggered about the #ucking flag of the pant-asian dds, those dds are nothing but just bought from European countries. You want your own flag on your "own" dd from the beginning? Sure thing, industrialise yourself like japan did lol. WG was completely wrong for releasing this line. Thank god they now have the plan to release pan-european dds, 100X better than pant-asian dds Yueyang no.1? Taiwan no.1? Sorry that's USA no.1, it's USN destroyer tyvm lol
  3. Somedude_Yudachi

    Bot PVP

    Well, bot issue has been existing long and WG still not taking action against it, can't expect too much WG service towards different server players RU: Dad EU: Cool NA: Ok Asia: Wut
  4. Somedude_Yudachi

    We want to block Chinese access!!!

    re-logged to the forum after leaving for almost 6 months, and this is the quality of war-starter? That's a pretty naive move Are you just trying to make up a "poor game experience" with Chinese, and posted to the forum then try to draw other china-hater to diss chinese and everything related to china? Listen, I've been existing in this game longer than you a lot, and i've seen more than you, some players in this game loves to impersonate as player with the nationality they hate a lot, lets say, a japanese hates chinese so much and he will disguise as a chinese and keep yelling "China no.1, taiwan is part of china" etc political slogan, on the contrary, chinese will disguise as a japanese and keep yelling "Kill more chinese, korean" etc militarist phrase I've noticed that u followed this topic, tho i am not sure, are you really trying to collect hatred comments from other forum users towards chinese as mentioned above? Making a retard, shit post is fine but just please don't make it relate to politics and any hatred towards any ethics Learn more next time
  5. Somedude_Yudachi

    Did they nerf Worcester?.___.

    I now got detected by dds even they're out of my radar._.
  6. Somedude_Yudachi

    Regarding Bots, AFKs, Riggers, Cheaters, and Abusers...

    EU,NA,RU:The server is all fine WG:Thx and have fun Asia:OMFG so many bots WG:_____________________
  7. Somedude_Yudachi

    It CAN happen!

    I even citadeled Bismarck with Moskva before( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. Somedude_Yudachi

    Can't claim a ship

    Clan battle is ended,no wonder you can't claim it
  9. Somedude_Yudachi

    Unrealistic Gameplay

    Largest scale of the current maps is 46km,if historically accurate,yamato could go to 42km,Which will eventually go to this