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  1. Cheater Musashi IGN: ddd_dumplings

    Either the cheater is a real lucky guy or a decent player
  2. Cheater Musashi IGN: ddd_dumplings

    I think there's not way to report a cheater,only client support for purchasing and game technical issue,I say Invite him to 1v1 and see if he's really a cheater
  3. Next T10 after getting Conqueror ?
  4. Deep water vs Normal Torpedos

    Better concealment and faster speed than normal torps(maybe_
  5. Just saying

    How many posts I still need if I want to get to next rank?
  6. Just saying

    And you're not going to make any more posts?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. Just saying

    "Just to be sure to research and keep Cleveland to Baltimore to gain maximum profit "says the video . How do I get maximum profit from buying T6-T9 USN cruiser?
  8. Worst Luck

  9. I actually thinks that warships rammed the islands should get detonated itself since its bow hit on the rocks severely
  10. UK weekend plz :(
  11. replace IJN HAKURYU

    I agree
  12. WoWS Discount History (Updated 03/04/2018)

    Dunno if someone can still read this post or not,when will the UK weekend come?