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  1. gnotiak

    Hipper MM

    If I remember correctly you shouldn't not be top tier ship for more than 3 games in row. But mine is no better always matched up with tier 9-10 for 3 games in row and 1 games being top tier then off to the bottom tier again for 3 games..... ps. Not like this ship is a beast when it's top tier anyway.
  2. gnotiak


    Right in fact it's pretty much OP nurf plz
  3. gnotiak


    I just want to point out that the spotting range of Shima torp didn't make it less lethal at all. I wonder if high tier DD is so punishing and under powered why are there so many of them?
  4. gnotiak


    You can't do that in a BB now suppose that you are the one who spot those torpedoes unless you got an extreme angle or you are on a turn, just prepare to eat a lot of them.
  5. gnotiak


    On an average Shimakaze has kill-death ratio of 0.8 which is only surpassed by Midway and Hakuryu. Surprisingly durable right? High tier DD is so broken right now that BB is almost extinct. Who would enjoy dodging torp wall every 2 min from an untouchable DD and lose a ton of credit if they fail?
  6. I think using ship's length as a reference to measure the distance you lead the target is batter because it suppose to be constant regardless of how much you zoom in or out. Also leading target based on traveling time of the shell, because different ship has different shell arc and velocity so that the traveling time for the same distance is vary. Finally have faith in RNGesus.
  7. gnotiak

    Battleship Rant

    Well to add insult to injury, at close range BB's AP may over-pen broadside of a CA while CA's HE(s) set multiple fire on a BB. And also that trollish dispersion in a BB really gives me [content removed]. Inappropriate/Derog. Post Edited. User Sanctioned ~dead_man_walking
  8. They reduce credit ratio on Amagi..... Even in the current state I still lose credit playing Amagi...... Guess it'll be hell next patch.
  9. gnotiak

    what kind of Gameplay is this

    How can you match up with Yamato since she is 4 tier higher than you? And also I've seen someone sunk Iowa with Cleaveland.... by ramming lol. Also can you teach me how you can sink Iowa and Yamato because I can't seem to be able to even fight against North Carolina or Amagi in my Fuso.