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    Guesses on what project R ship is

    So, again a stupid question. How do you get into Project R?
  2. So Ranked matches, I love the idea but the execution has let them down. My beef is around the inability to form a division and participate. The game in its aim to make the game more team orientated have made it less so. By forcing players to play with pick up groups and people who do not speak their language but speak blockinese the devs have ensured that every player plays in a more solo style. I take out my Cleveland specifially to assist my BBs but when i take out my BB i am mostly just food for fast cruisers and DDs. Of course all these problems exist in all game modes but the problem is exacerbated in ranked matches, with a smaller team and everyone dependent on each other a single player who is does not play with the team can easily derail the whole match for their team when they rush and die. I totally get the devs want matches to be more inclusive for other players but with a game were teamplay is so important I feel it almost breaks the game, what is the point in being a good player when random players can just make the team lose. yes higher ranks these problems should diminish but how do you get to higher ranks when you lose every other game.