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    Feedback thread for CV rework test round 2

    I strongly hope to add a button that can switch control between the aircraft carrier and the aircraft., instead of the (F button) fleet return control, because I encountered the destroyer entering our aircraft carrier hidden circle, which made me discovered. I can't operate the aircraft carrier to avoid enemy attacks, and also I can't use the aircraft to fight back. I think if there is no, this button for switching between the aircraft carrier and the aircraft,It’s like playing a ordinary World of Warplanes There is also a second test, the perspective of the dive bomber, feeling more uncomfortable than the perspective of the first test. And the battle screen and interface sounds of the second test are a bit too much and too messy, which includes the illustration of the escort fighter and the range of the escort fighter. As for the battle of the surface ship, I think the mechanism is not bad. There is not much discomfort in the gameplay. Instead, it simplifies the air-to-air mechanism and feels quite fresh. and I like the anti-aircraft gun shooting screen.