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    [MOD] Euphonium Icon

    Thanks for the first updates, i hope the v4 follow next days too thats my favorit version!
  2. _Admiral_Graf_Spee

    [MOD] Euphonium Icon

    Yes do this pls!
  3. _Admiral_Graf_Spee

    [MOD] Euphonium Icon

    A german Moder have updated this Mod! to the Thread ------> http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/21135-mod-0403-euphorium-icons-style-4-rework-by-atmaxx-update-1507/ to the Download for Version ----> https://www.copy.com/s/t%3AgnQ7NeukN9xA7m7L%3Bp%3A%252Fatmaxx_rework_0.4.0.3_Euphonium_Icon_V2.zip%3Boid%3A142 best Regards from Germany
  4. _Admiral_Graf_Spee

    [MOD] Euphonium Icon

    Yea true i miss them too! Guys i can give you the working xml files for battle loading -----> https://copy.com/MkJkxkXWRxjm/battle_loading.xml Ingame -------> https://copy.com/6ZPBhzK9hchi/battle_stats.xml game result-----> https://copy.com/8aLZFezwExyt/results_screen.xml than the old works not really well and the battle loading xml dont work in 0.4.0! Than you can use the old icons but without the new ships like the Tier1 from JP! And with the most Icons its easier to wait for the updated Version here! Sry i know my english s horrible bad!