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  1. Safiuddin97

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    Hi mate. i believe you are on Public Test as referring to PTS0.5.5. Supertest and Public test is quite different in terms of Task and job cheers
  2. Safiuddin97

    Does Icy pheonix post too much?

  3. Safiuddin97

    AFK problem

    Drakon. Please dont be mad at our Bots. Our BOTS are doing the best they can. Dont you get mad at them for ramming and YOLO-ing Sincerely, WG
  4. I saw people done avg but scored tons of EXP. But for Freemium. Unless signal boost. I cant agree more. Nailed it
  5. But i think NO DOCTOR will prescribe u wrong medicine. Or they gonna get Malpractice Sue for that. They want the best. Just like that. Yes mistakes happen. But usually we try to minimize that Oh but u did say Random guy. YEAH SURE. Cause they dont have MBBS or MD. Surely i wont. They dont have knowledge and start to prescribe things. That is very lethal
  6. Opinion is fine. You should accept it. But whether you agree. Is up to you. Heck even if someone that is not a medical student give me facts or stats. Or even opinions. I d accept it. To research futher and confirm it is what i do. Or i d simple let it be between agree or disagree. Hiatus
  7. Ohhhhhhh munch2. I d like to read all. Wait
  8. Safiuddin97

    Missouri Detonation

    How you detonate a.... I know. Hahahahah. Its fun and engaging
  9. Why you need to be salty. Its just public test (game)
  10. Safiuddin97

    Cannot play game at all

    Did u try to verify the files integrity through the launcher?
  11. Safiuddin97

    fail to open old update replay

    I think you cant open old replays. It is not supported
  12. Safiuddin97

    Bring back old economy

    What?! Am i reading this correctly? Before this, the economy Favours the campers. They earn money and the repair cost are like 30k because they are not SHOT at. And they earn lots of money by doing damage. I remember i farmed a lot of money just because im in zao and invisifire. Then. the AMMO cost is damn expensive too The new economy is Good. Even without premium acc i earned PROFIT Sorry to say. You just need to git gud and suck it up with the players. Campers will always be there. Even some unicum promotes it. Its a "way" or a tactical approach they said. idk. me potato
  13. Safiuddin97

    high tier economy and "afk" penalty

    U cant blame the system for the reason. before this. Really AFK or Bot Players they didnt move but some Shells that didnt land and bounce, was considered potential damage. and they earn exp and credits
  14. You cant. Even if u write one. You wont get it back. You "agreed" on sharing account with your friend. which is Discouraged by WG. And they did mentioned on their EULA, anything that happens to your account is on your fault (Something like that iirc). Sharing account is just..... unrecommended