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  1. NZJurai

    Suggestion regarding ARP missions

    For ARP Takao they could just make it that you need to have the Atago do do the missions to make it fair for the players that has bought the Atago. and for the ARP Yamato could do the same you must have a Yamato to do the Missions so you wont get a huge number of Yamato player that just pop out of no where.
  2. NZJurai

    Any Kiwi Players out there?

    lol nothing is wrong with you guys just wana see more kiwis on the game. what? u gona miss me that much? lol
  3. NZJurai

    Any Kiwi Players out there?

    Playing time for me is around 1900 to 2200 hour or 0000 to 0300 hour ( NZ time GMT +12) Would be keen to Div up with more kiwi players!
  4. NZJurai

    Taskforce44 - Sign Up Here!

    Reporting for duties Admiral! My ship is always ready to roll for NZ and AUS Team! It's always great to play with players around your time zone!