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  1. The manual method of using CV torpedo plane is really...honestly speak, sucks. First point, the dragging to adjust angle system is too sensitive, when i want to do a small adjustment on position of attack like attached wows1.jpg, it always perceive me as dragging Then, second point, I can't adjust the position even the attack range is still green, as shown in wows2.jpg. Well, I don't care other adjustments of CV, but pls,pls, let me close those new so call "convenient" controlling adjustments, I don't need those assistant....it just makes everything mess....as they are well...too sensitive for 1st pt, and 2nd pt...well, I always presume that i cannot only adjust the plane after the range become yellow...
  2. Hi Sir/Madam, Probably first time to come here, as a noob i know this website 1 mins before,just haha. Ok, the main topic of the post is to give some opinions on the balance of high tier CV. While I heard about that Midway will be soon nerf, I wonder the policy to "nerf Midway" as "Midway is too strong. To be honest, as an ijn cv player that always facing Essex and Midway, "Midway is strong" is not because of its strength, but no ships can press Midway, unless 422 Hakuryu (still, far as easy as 201 Bogue facing 121 Zuiho). Before, updating to 4.1, it's obvious that fighters of tier8,9,10 cv can greatly deterrent the attack of Midway. So, Midway players need to carefully consider their target. However, after 4.1, for example, Taiho's fighter can difficultly stop the plane of Essex and Midway, Midway just simply wait my fighter to use up the ammo while their torpedo bombers have only few destroyed. (U said the skill? Haha, honestly, for most of the tier 9,10, players, the skill is useless as everyone know they cant go straight line anymore and plane should be sent in different groups. Well, even the skill is successfully used, it's just "few times 2" only. Simple calculation, 12-2*2) After having a trial on my friend's Midway, I know why Midway is strong. Not because of its devastating attack, but it can play like having airpower with non air superiority setup. Therefore, rather than simply nerf Midway because of statistic, why WG doesn't consider to slightly enhance the fighter damage, not asking for lot, but slightly higher that make Midway players feel a bit afraid of others' fighters. Thank you~ Best, Teitoku