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  1. Can't seem to land hits with Fuso

    Fuso is truly a close range shotgun, untterly destroyed a broadsideing Dunkerque.
  2. What premboat to buy

    I don't think so. It's guns are good and AA is Satisfying... Speed is great and I rather play this than a Kuma
  3. What premboat to buy

    I really want a Yubari... That AA is sooo Satisfying when I play it with my lil bro's account. He got it on a discount. The Cannons are pretty good for hitting the decks of BBs for potentially 2k per hit. It is just too fragile, I hate the Kuma and I just Free Exped to the Furutaka. I would also like to see the original 5.5" single cannons back and a nice buff of atleast 5k health. No need to buff torps because guns are the main weapon. The guns are also have laser accuracy, sometimes traveling as if it was just 1 shell.
  4. What premboat to buy

    But the premium shop probably can't distinguish employees and regular players.
  5. What premboat to buy

    Woah seriously? That sucks! The only thing you get for free for being an employee is a flag which increases credits and exp. I would really wanna work at WG...
  6. What premboat to buy

    Hey I'm at least decent and I have a 100TB program in my brain known as "Gaming Instinct" I know how to aim and pick good targets. Of course there are flaws but thats why we improve.
  7. What premboat to buy

    Yes I think I should save up for tier 5-6 ships that are fun and earn lots of credits. Murmansk and Warspite are on that list. It's just the issue of when the ships are coming back.
  8. What premboat to buy

    I played my brother's Yubari and it kicked aircraft ass, I dodged two torpedo strikes back to back. Torpedobeats intensified* Too bad my team lost.
  9. What premboat to buy

    Yea Graf Spee is meh for average players but I love alpha strikes. I also noticed that Wargaming did not animate the secondary armament turrets, which is a big bummer and is also weird.
  10. What premboat to buy

    Hmm yes I really like 283mm Rifles like Scharnhorst and Graf Spee. 20 sec reloads are my sweet spot. To me, Battleship reload only feels like 10 seconds. Warspite looks nice and accurate rifles but I wonder... WHEN ARE YOU RETURNING ALL THE PREMIUMS WARGAMING?!
  11. What premboat to buy

    But tea is included thou... I suck at CLs like furrytaka because I am too accustomed to BBs and DDs. The only cruiser line I would play is the KM line leading to Hindenburg due to awesome AP.
  12. Can't seem to land hits with Fuso

    I have been sucking at hitting stuff with Fuso, even if I have perfect aim I don't do great damage, even to Cruisers.
  13. What premboat to buy

    Hey, guys thanks for the replies. I am going to save up some more to buy more doubloons, for HMS Hood because of RULE BRITANNIA! I think De Grasse is good because of good gun range and pretty good torps IMO. The Graf Spee is tough to play, and Citadels are hard to do even against other CLs. The Torps are good but the Germans could have made it even more OP if they had an Extension to the side to make it fire parallel to the hull... For those who use microcredit payments like MOL Zgold, I find that it's better to buy the doubloons and then buy the ships in the game, remember to stretch your dollars to the last possible cent because doubloons are slightly cheaper when bought in bulk.
  14. What premboat to buy

    Hey guys, Sorry for the long reply and I already have the Graf Spee before writing the post itself because it's my long-awaited shipgirl. Did some of you notice that I asked about an "In-game Sale"? So I was thinking of buying a Tier 7 DD, Perth or De Grasse for pure fun and some credit making. Current Tech Tree Ships I have: IJN: Fuso, Furutaka, Mutsuki and Hosho (Why did you remove the alt function attack?) KM: Karlsruhe Premboats and Elites: Tachibana, Graf Spee, Kongo
  15. What premboat to buy

    Hey guys I am asking for what ship to buy during the next in-game sale. I have exactly 3833 Doubloons. I am mainly a IJN and GN player but looking for fun ships to play.