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  1. Lee_Hongjin

    Team/Division combos

    What ship combos have you seen that can hard counter certain ship classes (Mostly DDs for me)? Could help you if you are playing a division, even better if your teammate is sitting right next to you so you can talk immediately. I think a Bismarck (Secondary build) with a radar ship can really punish DDs. A radar ship can detect all nearby ships and the Bismarck could unload in every direction with its secondaries.
  2. Lee_Hongjin

    Question about CV play

    Its the recent CV rework. Fighters patrol a specified point on the map or the carrier instead of flying everywhere. CVs also only control 1 attack squadron at a time instead of many.
  3. Lee_Hongjin

    Random thoughts on encouraging lower-mid tier play

    Maybe tier 5 operations please?
  4. Lee_Hongjin

    This is how You counter CVs as a DD

    Quite afew CV players don't bother moving because they assume they are safe. I just snuck past the enemy BBs by hugging the map border and found the Implacable just sitting there not even moving. Even when my torpedoes are closing in he still is not moving, more concentrated on controlling his planes.
  5. Lee_Hongjin

    This is how You counter CVs as a DD

    Me: Sneaks past entire team in my Asashio* Spots a completely motionless CV player* Sinks it with torpedoes*
  6. Lee_Hongjin

    Rogue Wave Containers

    Black Friday and Christmas containers were WAY better.
  7. Lee_Hongjin

    Annoying loud sounds

    When changing speed on German ships, the bell is really high pitched and I think its disturbing.
  8. Lee_Hongjin

    Best Premium containers

    I was wondering ever since I got my premium Black Friday containers: Which was the best container in terms of value returned for the amount spent? I personally bought 4 containers and got Asashio and Atago, along with camos and other cool stuff, amounted to more than 100 dollars in value, five times what I spent. I never figured out how to play Atago so Asashio is the only thing that was of value. The christmas containers had more variety of ships, I heard you could get almost any ship from it. If you bought these containers before, which netted you the most return value? The current event's premium containers don't come nearly as close to the BF or Christmas crates.
  9. Lee_Hongjin

    Bismarck build options

    I am currently at Konig(Great pleasure to play) and I have premium account and loads of commander exp camos, so training up a commander to at least 10 should not be too hard.
  10. Lee_Hongjin

    Bismarck build options

    I am going up the German BB line and building a captain specifically for Bismarck. The CV changes could have affected the popularity of the two different builds for Bismarck. In the face of current CV gameplay and meta, would you pick a secondary or AA build? I personally see myself meeting 2 CVs regularly, but I want to spec into the German line specialty.
  11. Lee_Hongjin

    [2019]Best Tier V Ships For Fun

    Konig is great against cruisers, and it is my favourite T5 battleship. I just got it today, but I consistently do 50k+ damage. I got Kongo a long while ago, but she never clicked with me. She was "meh" but that might be because I was not as good of a player.
  12. I agree that doubloon refunds should be given for nerfs to premium ships(not 100% refund of course, maybe 20-50% of the ship's in-game doubloon value.) For those who buy ships for their OPness, its your fault for not expecting a nerf to your ship. I personally have bought a Graf Spee in my port. She is fun and challenging to play. Still she gets her aft handed to her by BBs. I think she needs a secondary buff, the video for her claims that her secondaries are good but nobody ever suggested doing a secondary build.
  13. Lee_Hongjin

    Are these ships worth it?

    Yea... I thought so... Huang He is weird and has bad main gun range... Marblehead is flat out garbage to me... And Texas has no secondaries and packed with AA. I guess I now know why they sell us these ships at a massive discount. Ships I rather have than these ships: Huang He: De Grasse Texas: Oktober Revolution Marblehead: Murmansk I have a Graf Spee and I find her very fun to play. I still think she needs a gun range and shell velocity buff.
  14. Lee_Hongjin

    Are these ships worth it?

    I have Huanghe, Texas and Marblehead at a high special discount at $13.59 SGD for any one of them. I also have a 30% discount coupon to get one of them for just under $10. Are any of these ships worth it? I know these ships are not particularly strong, but this highly discounted price is really raising my interest.
  15. Lee_Hongjin

    Wyoming is good fun

    Well were you prepared for US BBs from tier III-VII? If you want a fast BB, get IJN Kongo.