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  1. Capt_alexander

    Enterprise Relase Date

    NVM it's here
  2. Capt_alexander

    Enterprise Relase Date

    Hi does any of you know when the enterprise is coming out for the Asian servers? I know that it is already out for the EU and US servers but it's not out for us yet. If you do know then thanks.
  3. Capt_alexander

    Strongest Cruiser Line

    DONT TALK LIKE THAT ABOUT MY BALTI and yes the Zao is boss (I have it and I love but not as much as my Balti
  4. Capt_alexander

    Strongest Cruiser Line

    I agree with everything you have said except for the part about British and American cruisers first the British cruisers can be extremely effective on their own but it takes lots of practice to get it right (I think I died very quickly at the start of around 50-100 games) and the t9 and t10 us cruisers are very versatile ships the only draw back is the short range of the stock guns (which can be over come with the range upgrade) and the lack of torps when I over extend I go bow in and try to find an island to hide behind, if there is no island then I go for the ram, I have gotten solo warrior 53 times in the Baltimore and 41 times in the Des Moines (the Balti is my favorite ship I play everyday if I'm not grinding on the brits)
  5. Capt_alexander

    Strongest Cruiser Line

    The longest range radar not the duration and that's only the Moskava
  6. Capt_alexander

    Belfast or Kutuzov, to boost win rate?

    Get the Belfast to Buyfast and reck people with the incredible rainbow and op smoke, hydro and radar combo
  7. guys seriously ships like the Benson have 5 5 inch guns but the center 5 inch gun is smaller than the 2 5 inch guns at the front and back of the ship