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  1. one word. one weapon. one replacement for battleship main batterys ...... railguns mach 7 projectiles. no explosives, no AP.... well.... actully... when any object is going 8,600km..... its gonna penitrate EVERYTHING you can look it up yourself. 22nd centruy warships will have railguns
  2. i like the idea of a storm. but lets not get too drastic. lets imagine the storm... but... [content removed] the waves off.... thats the hardest part. and a bit of "chop" to the water animation. but thats about it.... now for the storm.... dark skys and water... torental rain and fog, and slight wind. rather than reduce the abilty to play with a large storm. how about reduce visibilty. makeing even battleships invisible arfter 5km Profanity. Post Edited. User Warned. ~dead_man_walking
  3. shredah

    competitive play bit discussion

    it would be nice to see more cohesion as evyl said. i think battle groups should be assigned as in real life. 4 CRUISER'S, 3 DESTROYER'S, 2 BATTLESHIPS & 1 aircraft carrier. that makes a perfect 10. cruisers take a box formation around the aircraft carrier. and destroyers sit in a triangle in front. the 2 battleships sit on the either side of the cruisers. this enables them to tank the damage while the 4 cruisers can fire barrages at anyone on either side of the fleet. meanwhile the fast destroyers race and sneak off once enemy's have been located at the start of a match while the air craft carrier covers them from battleships. a destroyers worst nightmare. . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naval_tactics