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  1. Gunnsmcgee

    It has been proven, Izumo needs a nerf, I mean a NERF

    the zao is just a shit paper thin shitter. yes i own one 603 games played. its soft shell and low hp is a direct reflection of its low deticabilty-less steel and ship less radar chance. as for above well do not all ships tend to bounce shells at angles
  2. Gunnsmcgee

    torping yourself

    at least i got the damage and credit towards the mission
  3. Gunnsmcgee

    since patch

    i suggest fixing the issue with crashing (critical ) booting during games match making 90% of games im 2 tier below most and even delayed game load in
  4. Gunnsmcgee

    [Poll] Best premium Ship

    GREMYASHCHY! love it