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  1. If you talking about 32 bit OS or application to access 64 bit memory address space. 32 bit windows is definitely NOT the bottleneck here. 32 bit Windows can be extended to use 16 to 64G of memory, but it is up to the 32 bit application be awared and made used of the 64 bit memory addressing features. Memory address extension was an old technology long available since 16 bit DOS time (ie, 32 bit DOS extension). Intel CPU has build-in 64 bit address extension support (called Physical Address Extension --PAE), which was available as an extension on Win 2000 (32 bit) and after. and PAE enabled MS windows to address 16G ~ 64G of memory. RAMDISK was one of the early application made used off the PAE feature. PAE is exactly what described here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5916959/can-a-32-bit-program-use-more-than-4gb-of-memory-on-a-64-bit-os However, 64 bit memory extension are still 32 bit but with special address schemes (paging segment etc) , and applications need to be made specially to use them. and this kind of program are not real 64 bit applications. they are not even normal 32 bit programs and more problematic to run on a full 64 bit OS.
  2. Before spending any money to upgrade your system, There are many places in MS Windows that can confirm whether the system is really low in Memory. Windows will show warnings when it is low in memory, or even low in virtual memory. Event viewer system or application log will show memory allocation failure. Task manager can show memory usage in sorted orders Performance Monitor can enable system performance data collection set which keeps history of system resource consumptions
  3. The available memory has more to do with what other program are running on your system at the same time with WOWS. 64bit OS would only give you a bigger buffer. There was this thing called the pagefile (swap space), It would slow down thing but it will help to give warning and reduce out of memory crash My WOWS usual memory foot print are around 2G. and My Graphics Card has its own memory. The last time I report my crashing problem to WG, first they blamed the custom camou Mod I used, then they asked me to switch back and forth between DirectX 9 and 11. and after all, They never forget to state the crashes were not cause by WG. I just felt a total waste of time with them
  4. Intel i3 is a 64 bit CPU since the 1st generation.
  5. A 32 bit program can not access more than 4G of RAM. But to avoid crash, it require more than 4G of RAM and a 64 bit OS.
  6. And the World of Warships program itself is 32-bit actually.
  7. Premium ship summer sale

    Historically incorrect! What KM adapted, was a "medium-close" combat doctrine. But, not because the accuracy of their guns, and the quality of their optics and crew training. Only the american radar-directed fire control gun can out-match them for long distance.
  8. Got disconnected last night about 9 pm HK time. and then error connecting for about 20mins. WGCheck with network diag turn on, but report did not reflect anything specific
  9. Player simply have to accept and learn, whatever WG was/is/wil be right.
  10. Radar is fine, players need to learn, so does WG need to hear from players.
  11. the radar mechanics is simplier than the visual range model, and it is fundamental game engine capwbilities wows game mechanics has been complex, and comfusing, adding radar to it did not make it easier to anyone sure I can adopt the way radar introduce, sure why can not anyone adapt why radar mechanics re-balanced. it already changed the game making composition. i trust my eyes the current change has already upset me, if I am not the customer. how many Op class ships do you want to make them disppear from the game? look at Cvs at the moment we need balance, you may make change to balance something now, then you find out something, then thing can be improve further by making another change, and do not see any wrong of suggesting such
  12. New Ships for friday?

    konig albert and murmansk
  13. For whatever greater good, even in justice system. people shall not punish for whatever they did not commit to. I do not agree that system crash shall be punished as AFK. and I do not believe genuine software/hardware/network problem can be not detected. There are many ways WG can do something to balance this. that was what I tried to communicate with WG through their report channels. In my case, WGCheck found files damaged in the system and repaired it. and the log was sent to WG twice. I am OK if the system crash, It is fine even they send me warning at the first place. but I am very disappointed the way the respond to my report.
  14. There is another WG response just came, here is what I got so far: On that Friday, I started a ticket via game client crash channel. I reported the incident, asked about if WG would do anything regarding this unfair rules -> They ignore the policy query, but asked me to retrieve log -> I sent log to WG (on 11/6/2018)-> WG support said the crash did not cause by WG, and they found I used MODs which I shall not use Mods (on 12/6/2018). So I thought I used the wrong channel, and it may be more appropriate to use the rule violation channel to query about this policy. so I raised another ticket via the rule violation "warning and ban" channel. First respond from WG was the exact copy of the rule -> then I asked if such policy should apply to people with pc/lan problems. -> then the same person (in name) investigated the last ticket just came and requested the same log file as it request from the last ticket -> so same log file sent again, I asked again about the policy application -> the same guy just ask me to use directX 9 from 11 to avoid game crashing. (while ignored the policy part). I am a bit skeptical now if I would get any solid answer from them.
  15. Most of the WWII radar were search radars but not fire-control radars, meaning they can detect targets but not lock on to them. fire-control radar take time to lock onto target. Landscape disrupt radio waves, WWII can not see through land masses Radar send out strong radio signal can be much easily detected 3~4 times further than its own detection range. Radar can track aircraft much further than surface target and regarding hydro. WWII passive sonar or hydrophone where good to detect target direction but not distance.