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  1. tsuenwan

    Make bot legal

    The buildin AI players (bots) in co-op and operations are slightly better than those third party (hack) bots.. WG should consider open up the build in Bot interface. could setup a game mode for bots only competition.
  2. tsuenwan

    honestly I hate CVs

    Realistic flak clouds could not damage aircraft. The smoke clouds are marks where shell had just exploded. In this game, it is more like a marker to show where the Flak shell going to hit. Could such marker also make available on water surface so that ship can avoid incoming shells?
  3. tsuenwan

    So many bot

    These are low quality third-party Bots anyway. The in built bots (aka AI players) are a bit better. I was thinking if WG could open up the in build game Bot interface to let people to program their own bots, but letting people play in all Bot only AI combat mode.
  4. tsuenwan

    Map Editor

    The scenarios are run on the server, it is possible if WG releases the program for a community hosted game server. but usually that happened after end of support..
  5. tsuenwan

    Map Editor

    The Bigworld game engine had a map and resource editor buildin. but you need to open up the server for people to upload and add the map in the server. I am not sure how WG would like manage this kinda customization.
  6. tsuenwan

    WG You Need to Fix Your Bots

    How about give player a check box to handover their ships to the WG bots. and put all the stupid third party bots out of business.
  7. tsuenwan

    Everything Wrong with World of Warships

    How about Yuri vs Xavier?
  8. Both sonar guided Torpedo and radar fire control gun did appeared in WWII. There are a lot of historical Battleship discussion rated the USS BB so high (way better than Yamato and Bismark), because of their advanced fire control and Radar.
  9. tsuenwan

    The game's actual minimum specs?

    Try to use GPU profiler to find out what graphics tasks had the most load. similar using task manager in Windows https://virtuallyvisual.wordpress.com/2016/06/08/gpu-profiler-nvidia-community-tool-and-source-code/
  10. tsuenwan

    Graphics API and 32 / 64 bit Question

    Any program running 32 bit memory addressing can only map up to 2^32 =4.3G of memory. 4G is a 32 bit windows limit. unless.. There were application uses 64 bit extension for 32 bit Windows. The 32 bit WOWS did not use that 64 bit extension though. so it does has the same memory limit as the OS. and it used to be a problem before the 64bit release. 32bit system can expand the memory addressing by fetch the address (upper and lower) twice and one of them is called "page". It worked very different to application running on 64 bit OS as instruction support 64 bit addressing. The 32 bit Windows 64 bit extension is not compatible with the 64 bit version of the Window neither. I have used them both before. including 32 bit extension of the 16/24 bit DOS.
  11. The cleaning lady just vacuumed away my 1/700 Super Yamato and 90% the CV's aircrafts on my desk during lunch time......
  12. tsuenwan

    So IEarlGrey is "SACKE- i mean resigning "

    Yes, I remembered reading about this: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/207116-malik-khatazhaev-genaral-manager-of-lesta-studio-made-a-very-cynical-respond-in-the-russian-forum-about-the-pr/
  13. tsuenwan

    So IEarlGrey is "SACKE- i mean resigning "

    He was a just CC, then What was he hired by WG/Lesta as? I just Can Not believe he was at the position that responsible for pushing out NTC/RB or even PR . though he may be one of the supporter of the idea.
  14. tsuenwan


    Wargaming had enough money to buy up banks and invest in real estates... I am not so sure they really making money from games.
  15. tsuenwan

    Adding more FUEL to the fire eh?

    Not true for me, I actually prefer the naval battle model in the totalwar series. I played WOWS as it mimic a bit of it. In fact there are alternatives for me now.