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  1. I was trying to generate report of some sort for Tech Support. The game's build-in error detection did not have anything left in the /report directory, and was asked to generated the report using WGCheck but with the following error: unsupported game client: The remote server returned an error (404) Not found My WOWS version being detected by WGCheck (v3.4.4) as: high.
  2. bought 60 Mega, got Roma, Mutsu, Molotov, DeGrassse, Aigle, Krasny Kryn, Arizona, Blyswika, about 10K Doublon, 10k Free XP,.. that is all. and I would stop buying anything from WG from now on.
  3. tsuenwan

    fix your damn game

    I thought Skoda was found in 1895. There were Zeiss Optics from East German also.
  4. WG support had always demanded graphics driver update when crashes reported
  5. tsuenwan

    fix your damn game

    I can only launch the game with the classic client. not with game center
  6. tsuenwan

    Stupid question but...

    I have only enough time to play 1 or 2 games per day, DD most of the time
  7. Not True Older CPU +MBoard + OS may not be compatible with later Nvdia and Radeon card. but you can definitely find same generation Nvdia and Radeon graphics card that compatible with your hardware and OS. Same generation Nvdia and Radeon graphics card for gaming had far better performance than the inbuild Intel Graphics chips on your motherboard.
  8. tsuenwan

    HMS Vanguard Disappointment

    Technically if the overall distribution are near even from Tie 8-10. Should there be proportional numbers players getting more often top tiered? compare to those that getting bottom tiered more often.
  9. tsuenwan

    Never add submarine into PVP

    Did WG/Wows ever tried to simulate anything historically accurate? German Navy? Soviet Navy? Not to mentioned the amount of resource held up for anti-sub warfare. The only thing is WOWS game maps had the scale like a sail-ship and ironclad era scenario.
  10. tsuenwan

    Game problems & Bans

    Stop buying premium missions, or using paid flags, or any consumable etc, unless the system have been running stable for several months.
  11. tsuenwan

    Game problems & Bans

    The crash log can be found in the report directory and you may send it to WG. though I doubt they will/can do anything
  12. tsuenwan

    Never add submarine into PVP

    WWII Torpedo bearing can be set to near 90 degree from the tube bearing. though it is harder to aim due to analogue torpedo computer available at the time
  13. tsuenwan

    Why tier 8 often involved in tier 10 matches?

    Talking about statistics, Game MM is actually artificially programed mechanism which can be adjusted and controlled. It is not something occurred in nature with almost indeterminable affecting factors. 200 games are a lot for someone like me to play for at least 2~3 month. And that is a long time for the distribution to even out.
  14. tsuenwan

    Technical issues found.

    WG support recommended to used the classic client to install and run the game. and game starting OK so far.
  15. tsuenwan

    Technical issues found.

    I have reverted back to classic game client from game center. with far less connection problem