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  1. tsuenwan

    CVs are OP pls fix

    Looking back at early WOWS design: https://www.redbull.com/int-en/world-of-warships-launch-interview How does it compare to World of Warplanes? It’s a matter of scale and of the craft involved. Obviously, planes zip through the air pretty quickly and there are things like altitude to think about. The controls and dynamics of gameplay have been refined and streamlined, making for a more accessible, medium-paced strategy angle to gameplay........ One of the key factors in the game balance is the rock-paper-scissors gameplay we have. It’s like a triangle of battleships, cruisers, and destroyers. We have aircraft carriers in the centre, because they can be effective against vessels, with a more RTS feel to them.
  2. Yeah, It may be revealed one day that WOWS DDs were actually simulating cars. or DD were actually Israeli Merkava Tanks..
  3. Smoke and Wake animation templates can be modded to enhance the speed effects visually. For funnel smoke: 7x7_smoke_4k_2.dds (normal speed) and Smoke10x9.dds (speed boost). For ship wake: Spray_6x6_b.dds (bow wake only). (there are 2 more wake template files called foam something) in <version>/particles/animated/. wake and speed boost could have very strong different color and contrast.
  4. tsuenwan

    Never an easier time to play BB

    It was called the World of Battleships though..
  5. tsuenwan

    Asia Server Status?

    Test internet speed to Tokyo also: http://www.myspeedmeter.net/
  6. tsuenwan

    0.8.0 wtf

    Wargaming's background is rather interesting: https://medium.com/economic-thoughts/the-new-owner-of-hellenic-bank-the-cypriot-government-3e4253a73910 al though it is not a public listed company. it did not looking gaming is the main business by the amount they were investing
  7. tsuenwan

    0.8.0 wtf

    By plain number, Somehow CV and DD are both minority compare with BB and CA/L Then, is the current population distribution considered healthy?
  8. tsuenwan

    0.8.0 wtf

    Consider CV player population increase . The increase did affected of overall air power in the game. Although individual CV power may be lower compare with the old. Early black powder firearms were inferior than bows&arrow. yet they were adapted rather quickly due to the training required to operate is far shorter than archers. and much quicker to turn out armies.
  9. tsuenwan

    Death of the destroyers role.

    DDs equipped to support CV warfare were quite different than supporting BB gun battles. Early air search radar for early warning were very efficient detecting air targets, and radar directed improved AA accuracy and extended AA range. Without ground noise, aircraft group can be detected by WWII radar some 100~200 km away... while surface radar could only reach 20~40cm max. The only thing was WWII DD had no mean to actively attack CV nor its air wings. it was used as anti sub, air defense or early warning platforms.
  10. tsuenwan

    aircraft carrier are brutal

    There are many difference, and B Pacific had mainly 2 nations. but there are more flexible control mechanics available for users to choose. The thing is WOWS game model was initially abstract and optimized around surface gun battles. and CV was added in the later stage. and it fitting a Nav-Air battle model into surface battle size scenario map and game model. There were just too many roles to fit into a rather small/simplistic game model while still have to maintain balance/playability. The CV rework may archived its goal to reduce skill gap for CV but also doing the opposite the other roles. This is the place where the game may need to explore to make more room to accommodate more players with different skill level.
  11. tsuenwan

    aircraft carrier are brutal

    it is not what required to perform well, it is the skill gap and learning curve required to sustain the players in the game. The purpose of the rework was to reduce the skill gap for one kind players , so the game could sustain more of them . Yet it increased the skill level requires for other type of players. So It looked like the game has some limits, it is now just having this much room to sustain this much players overall. Regarding teamwork, it is not an arguement of whether the game should reward teamwork, it is rather the style of team workit has been restricted to, in order to allow more players with different skill level to survive in it. True, The game should award those who play well, but it should also allow those performed no so well to survive (long enough) and learn. I have never complaint about CV is OP. I rather think it is and was under power. And it made me wonder if there are means to make more room for both CV and others. battlestation pacific may have done a little bit better in this aspect and WG may have even done something along this path. I don't understand why you think this is something against CV.
  12. tsuenwan

    aircraft carrier are brutal

    whatever you call it. running around and shoot, dressed in a ship costume. Multiplayer or Not Multiplayer.
  13. tsuenwan

    aircraft carrier are brutal

    What accusation are you talking about? I am just talking about game models. there is nothing right or wrong for WG choosing to move into first person shooter MMO model.
  14. tsuenwan

    aircraft carrier are brutal

    That was when WOWS still called World of Battleships. later on WG decided to make it full first person shooter game. I am just commenting the so called team work this days..