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  1. Sudden Disconnect When In-Game

    I used on have one random battle during 7.8 time, which I saw at least 4 players turning into AFK one by one. and I killed 2 of them before I was disconnected also. I had no problem pinging the Asia server at the time.
  2. Then things can be done rather than just penalty. Regardless of the "Intention". Real life collision warning system use similar algorithm to warn pilot and seaman. same does the land collision warning in the game. they are not silly at all. In fact for this type of shooter game. The players' attention have being limited by the viewing area and not aware enough of the heading situation, Collision may not be intended most of the time. and a warning certainly help.
  3. Technically, collision detection are built into almost all game engines. just if WG like to use it to improve the situation.
  4. Sudden Disconnect When In-Game

    Did you have problem browsing the Web when the disconnection happened?
  5. bomber in opening movie

    Both Ju 87 and D3A rely on Dive Brake to slow down. and same do those with retractable gears like Ju 88, Skua, SBD and SB2C.
  6. Critical Error!!

    How often do you get this?
  7. Unwarranted penalties for AFK etc.

    For all crashes I reported. it always end up with my machine were at fault. and I always have to try and re-try a few same things. and yet nothing shows any difference. Yes, It is just game, and I never expected to be bug free or crash free. they can take their time to fix anything. just acknowledge the problem and stop wasting both of our time
  8. Unwarranted penalties for AFK etc.

    Apart from the AFK penalty problem, I usually reported crashes with new symptoms or occurrence too frequent, I have never demanded WG to fix any of them immediately. I was hoping WG can take the log and improve the software. Actually. If WG support just take the crash log and go back to investigate. and Tell me if they found it is a systemic or random problem. I am fine if they found the problem to be a systematic or a known problem (in the game or in my machine) then provide solution or let them work on it. I am also fine if it is a random problem they did not can not simulate and ask me to report to them if it happens again. I worked in this industry long enough to know this is what a reasonable customer will get for support. For WOWS, I usually report crashes with new symptoms. and every time WG support would almost immediately look at my machine and find something to "fix", and the typical reusable "solutions" so far were : Completely re-install the game a few times. Re-install my video driver and update my video driver a few times (without even specify which is the preferred/stable version for WOWS ). Start windows in safe mode with minimum services and try to start the game Change DirectX 11 to old Direct 9, then back and forth. Remove ship skin modes. but so far the games still crashes randomly, not getting better or worst no matter what fixes have been installed or removed. and none of the crashes which WG could managed to reproduce and show me any improvement/different before/after the fixes. It is OK if thing has no immediate solutions and I can wait. but not to always blame the problem on the user-self and waste their time to perform those placebo solutions. and BTW, The bigworld game engine WOWS based on, has the capability to detect and handle different system/network condition and fault status, it is a essential capability for a massively multiplayer online game engine to operate normally on the internet environment. just that if WG has the will to use it.
  9. Unwarranted penalties for AFK etc.

    I was only asking if WG can do anything in the future to improve this situation. What this AFK penalty policy do is actually presumption of all guilty without allowing any prove of innocence? and I do not believe this is a necessary evil. And Technically, I know WOWS was built on Bigworld Game Engine, which has a lot of error tracking and network status monitoring capabilities build in. At least it is a good start, although it may not be the only mean. Talking about efforts, WG support could have spent weeks tried to "fix" my machine. yet they never managed to reproduce even one of my reported crashes. and I am not convinced what they were really fixing anything there, except me.
  10. Unwarranted penalties for AFK etc.

    WG support could have responded like this (with a when) and it is perfectly fine. That is more like a professional response. Actually, I have never made demand to reset my pink status, nor asked my flag back. but I am really disappointed with WG support's response, I am not happy they blamed direct X 11, static skin mods, and later I found out it was their typical answers to whatever crash symptoms. And a genuine crash is a genuine crash, and in many cases they can be distinguish technically from those suspect inactivity. and please stop stop telling people it is all impossible for a decent software company to do so.
  11. Unwarranted penalties for AFK etc.

    WOWS game client immediately found the problem right after I restarted it. that was les than 15mins. what turn back time? Actually I don't give a damn about WOWS crash and the pink status if I didn't spent money on flags and exp boost mission. and all WG support can do was just to blame my machine?
  12. Unwarranted penalties for AFK etc.

    Task manager does not crash programs. It terminate the execution of the problem by issue an exit signal to the program. it will left traces of such a call in the system log. On Unix machine you can kill a program or Kill -9 a program. But again it is just a system call to the program to exist. It will also left traces of such a call the system log. OTOH. when the OS or the program crashed. It will left different traces in the respective log. It is ACTUALLY HARD to imitate a real crash with system tools. Shutting down a machine or switch off a machine will left distinguish signatures can be easily tracked and lost of WiFi, unplugging of cables are all detectable by automatic plug-play feature in the OS. There are so many easy thing they can do to find out what happened to the program and the network. Yet they choose to implement the penalty in-discriminatory without even any simple trying to distinguish the system problem with the real AFKs.
  13. Unwarranted penalties for AFK etc.

    I was just talking about there could be so many means to find out those genuinely crashes. either by the game client, or through appeal and Do you know it is a norm this days for softwares report problem back with a click of a button. And The WOWS client itself did detected the crash and repair itself. I can accept the immediate pink status. and all I asked was if they can do anything in the future, but all their "support" effort were focusing on finding a fault in my machine. and for all the random crashing problems (with penalty or not) I reported back to WG, and No matter what symptoms I reported and they were all my machines fault.
  14. Unwarranted penalties for AFK etc.

    I have crash logs to prove it was a true crash and being penalized. and I raised this to WG support and being told that it was a just a policy which they could do nothing. And the only thing WG support told me was to complete re-install the game. and use old version of video driver. Based on the experience with WG support, There are many things reflected in the WG check log. They knew my OS was having problem. they knew the graphics driver and patching version, they knew which game I used what mod, they knew when the network was lost due to reason capture by the OS. they knew many things but only when WG need them to push back. and never admit their client has any problem. There are a lot of thing WG can do easily but they choose not to do.
  15. Hurray, CV Rework!

    WOWS follows the tactical shooter game genre. player controls movement, aiming and shooting. Most of the tactical shooter games have long range support fire options, but not as a close combat role. and level bombers kinda of accuracy most of the time when balanced