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  1. tsuenwan

    ​📢 Important Message for the Community

    During WOT launch in China, Victor Kislyi sang "The Internationale" twice, and called the Chinese Partner company as "Comrade and Brothers"
  2. tsuenwan


    What is the respond time you got for ping and tracert? what about the result from WGCheck? First you need to find out if it is a network/internet problem, and trace the connection and find out which hoop the delay came from.
  3. tsuenwan

    The way it once was

  4. tsuenwan

    The rebellion has started!

    For those saying just play the game but no pay a cent, WG will be happy enough, if you just spent your time on this game. it is those who play the game keeps the game alive. For any online multiplayer game, as long as the players base are high, It is enough to sustain the game and even grown the players base more. and the company can find its own way to get some players to pay. To WG, The purpose of CC, was to attract more players, in particular, during early stage of the marketing. As long as you keep playing, as long as they think the gaming population is health, WG will just Not care about CC or old players.
  5. tsuenwan

    CC's Leaving

    There was a China made naval game called "Refight the Last Warship", before that, another one was called "Steel Ocean". They were not popular at all
  6. tsuenwan

    CC's Leaving

    The total players numbers among are so high ever since 2020. WG just won't care. https://stats.wotapi.ru/stats/wows/asia/total
  7. tsuenwan

    Belfast 43 or Tiger 59- which one is worse?

    "If deemed necessary, balance changes may be applied to Tiger '59." Belfast 43 did not have this in the description
  8. tsuenwan

    ​📰 ST, Adjustment in Firing Mechanics

    This was something called firing solution time, but then how realistic are WG going to implement this? historically, fire solution need to be re-calculated when ship had changed directions or speed. and accuracy drop very badly under rough sea... compare with the WOWS kinda of ski on ice movement.
  9. tsuenwan

    Italian Battleship Containers Contents

    Whatever percentage, WG will lost nothing unless you got paid to have them.
  10. Contribute to who? and the title was given by who?
  11. tsuenwan

    Should CV spot or deal damage?

    WWII CV nav-air engagement happened at 200+ miles range, air search is always critical. WOWS maps is actually 20~30 mile size that typical of gun-battle scenario. It is just so odd for CV to operate or model in such a mixed and squeezy arena.
  12. I would think their type naming was more political than following any historical conventions. CV centric warfare also reduce the roles required to support their operation.
  13. There are so many modern DDs have their displacement similar to WWII heavy cruisers though. and FFs are way heavier than WWII DDs.
  14. Chinese used to say "daughter-in-law will one day become a domineering mother-in-law".. the abused will always have their chances to abuse others.
  15. tsuenwan


    I don't sure about wows specific bot, but generally speaking, there are a lot games bots are no longer running by simple scripts anymore this days. Some even have deep learning capability and have above average scores. Blizzard developed bots have been proven to perform better than most of the players.