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  1. tsuenwan

    Submarine update

    Through out the whole launching process, the power output control had to be very precise, otherwise, Under-powered will crash the aircraft on water, or more often over-powered will damage the air-frame of the aircraft. Actually, for each weapon and fuel configuration, the catapult need to user different power control config to launch the aircraft properly. For the CV "Chales De Gaulle" , the French have to rely on the US to get these launching parameter from their catapult test platform in Lakehurst.
  2. tsuenwan

    Submarine update

    Catapult helps aircraft carried full load of weapon and fuel to gain enough speed for take off.
  3. It is not buggy. The function simple is not working. it is some one very basic function build into almost all game engine. Auto routing and Collision avoidance is fundamental game engine functions, the algorithm is well known and taught. It has been built in the most of the game since the early 90s. the bigworld engine WOWS used do have it and developers just need to know how to use it properly.
  4. tsuenwan

    We have U-Boats lets get S-Boats and PT-Boats

    Give me Kamikaze attack with Kugisho MXY7 Ohka rocket plane and German Fritz-X glide bomb, Bv143/246?
  5. They come in Peace.....
  6. tsuenwan

    This game is dying

    Bots are perfect players, they just play and play. Not like human players, whinging and whinging no matter win or lose.
  7. tsuenwan

    This game is dying

    WOWS will be 100% self-sustained, when it reach 100% Bots. Human players are just consumables..
  8. tsuenwan

    Destroyer Defence against radar

    Regarding radar detection distance, it is quite depending on the cross-section area of the target. when a ship is running head-on or running away from the radar, should present a far smaller reflection area and harder for the radar to detect it. This model could help DD to have someway respond to radar. but I had the feeling it is too complicated for WG to implement.. and WG only off cuz
  9. Historically, The Pomes had also developed underwater noise generation device to jam German acoustic torpedo since 1943. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foxer MK24 acoustic homing mine/torpedo was also developed in 1943. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_24_mine Aircraft-deploy Sonobuoy array were also operational in the early 1940s https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonobuoy
  10. tsuenwan

    China bans online gaming

    you guys complaint too much about Bots and China is doing something for your ASIA server
  11. Actually, anti-sub mortar and rockets are not that modern, Acoustic homing torpedoes were used by US and German against Sub and Surface targets during WWII. magnetic field detection sensor was used apart from acoustic sensor. One big different from WOWS, is WWII era sub are Diesel-Electric, they can not stay submerged for long time and maintain high speed. and semi-active acoustic homing torp did not appear until the late 50's
  12. In Naval Warfare, ASW means Anti Submarine Warfare, you may have ASW units or ships etc. but ASW itself does not mean it is a unit or ship what does the word ASW mean here?
  13. tsuenwan

    ST: Submarines + New Submarine mode [UPDATED]

    Even if this is a ArCaDe GaMe, All surface ships shall be equipped with the same ping guiding torpedo. as well as radar fire control system.
  14. tsuenwan

    Make bot legal

    The buildin AI players (bots) in co-op and operations are slightly better than those third party (hack) bots.. WG should consider open up the build in Bot interface. could setup a game mode for bots only competition.
  15. tsuenwan

    honestly I hate CVs

    Realistic flak clouds could not damage aircraft. The smoke clouds are marks where shell had just exploded. In this game, it is more like a marker to show where the Flak shell going to hit. Could such marker also make available on water surface so that ship can avoid incoming shells?