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  1. The 1st matchday of the showmatch is over. Tea Party won over Kaper Kommando 3:0. The VOD will be uploaded by Crysantos soon, and then we will update the link in the thread. Next match will be played on Jun.16 20:00 utc+8. Stay tuned!
  2. Ahoi Captains! We are glad to invite you to watch the Deep Sea Tournament EU-Asia-China Showmatch. Two strong European clans send out their best fleets to face up with the challenge from the two Chinese leading teams in DST Season 2. They will meet on Jun. 14 and Jun. 16 at 20:00 UTC+8 Crysantos and Bloodlegend has been recruited as our field reporters, they will deliver the first-hand live battle report from the engaging territorial waters. Captains, please adjust your radio frequency to the following coordinate so you won’t miss the ongoing intense fight! http://www.twitch.tv/deepseatournament http://www.twitch.tv/crysantos http://www.twitch.tv/papedipupi (KKTM Player PoV) On Jun. 14, 20:00 UTC+8, the first battle will be on between Kaper Kommando and Maiden Tea Party. Kaper Kommando’s fleet, led by papedipupi, carries the glory of Deustch-Marine. They are well-trained and determined. Their steel fleet can pierce any opponent’s defence and bring the victory to the Vaterland. Maiden Tea Party is the first WoWS team in China which sets its own goal to be a part of a diversified E-sport club. They have unrestrained ideas of tactics and strong execution power, featuring the brave and creative use of cruisers. Their only weakness currently could be distraction from Overwatch. Each team also have a world-class CV player, their struggle against each other over the sky will be a too exciting scene to miss. On Jun. 16, 20:00 UTC+8, the flames of battle will continue to burn between Tora Tora Tora and F3. Tora Tora Tora is the Top of the ladder of Team Battle in EU cluster. Consist of mostly Scandinavian players, the viking blood flowing in their veins makes them a brutal force on the High Sea. F3, a fleet based on Asian Server, is a lover of cruiser Moskau. Hence, they seems to be inspired with the spirit of Russian warships: Attack! F3 will seize every opportunity to do rapid push, oppressing their enemy to the corner of the map. As it says in the well-known ancient The Art of War, speed is the soldier’s asset. Both teams are strongly offensive. Will their battle turn out to be a short-range brawl? Let’s open up the streaming channel on time to see which fleet has the shaper spear.
  3. Seeeeean

    恳求WG管管亚服这些bot CV吧

  4. 是一些玩家使用了非法掛機腳本通過掛機來取得經驗。 不是官方行為。
  5. Seeeeean


  6. Seeeeean

    21:9 monitor 比例問題回報.

    我也是21:9的屏幕。 沒有出現你的問題,能曬一下你的畫面設置圖麼?
  7. 我在加拿大玩亞服,也是一點問題都沒有的。
  8. ST這些都可以知道啊,看來我是落伍了。。。
  9. 支持。雖然已經達成任務目標,但是覺得搶頭還是很難受。
  10. 這裏是繁體中文討論區。使用繁體中文是對論壇規則的尊重。
  11. 這裡是繁體中文討論區,請你使用繁體中文來發表意見~
  12. 請使用繁體中文發表話題。謝謝。
  13. 你這樣玩法就是讓隊友在前面當盾,你在偷偷打傷害。是人都會不爽的。而且你前面的隊友死光之後,你也無法1V5 或者1V4。 所以建議你做主力艦該做的事情,上前線承受傷害並且造成大量輸出。 但是我個人反對一切理由的TK行為。
  14. Seeeeean

    A Happy New Year!

    Happy Happy NEW YEAR!!!!!! one more ahead though