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  1. ALL CC AND TESTERS: Please tell WG that they are pumping out too much of events, new ships etc at the same time.

    Too much things to grind and too little time. I enjoy the game for the past 3 years. Where there is a relax and fun time playing with grinding the tech tree at the same time. But now it seems like I'm burning out. 

    Will slow down with WoWS if this continues. I'm pretty sure that a lot of players do feel the same as I am.

    Slow down WG. Don't kill this game like you kill WoT. Don't like this RB thing. If you scared that players grind to T10 ships very fast, then WTH you giving out T5-T8 ships in the events? We all know you wanna make profits, but not contradicting your own action.

    And please do add a long term global campaign which all servers' players can join and have fun and get a little goodies eg. WW1 and WW2 historical events if you want to keep players for coming back.

    It is hard to ask a new players in as not all of them like warships and it's hard to learn and master this game especially not much events to reward the lower tier ships.

    Please do consider your marketing plan. 

    I like this game a lot. Just don't screw this up WG. GLHF.

    Welcome all players to discuss this matter.