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  1. gunhero

    WoWS Update 0.8.0

    The CV new game play is fine with me. The only problem is the tier skipping. I had T8 CVs. Their stock aircraft acted like T7 aircraft. In which I often got into a T10 match. T10 AA is brutal to T8 CV stock aircraft. More often 50% of my squadron got heavy damage or shot down before they can release their ordinance. WG pls do some balancing and bring back the odd tier CV. They way to grind 2 tiers at once takes bloody long time.
  2. gunhero


    is it not all modules have HP?
  3. gunhero


    IS IT A BUG OR BAD RNG? Tons of damage should had been counted if it's not this kind of issue. Done a lot of penetration but with 0 damage. So may I know what kind of damage it does????
  4. gunhero

    DD Detection Range Problem

    When I'm using a stock ship (no upgrade). Opponent have upgraded hull. Stats in the loading screen shows differences...
  5. gunhero

    DD Detection Range Problem

    I've tried a few games. Still I got detected before the other side. Both have the same concealment stats (both side loaded, ready, and countdown is at 7 secs before game start). No aid of LOS from allied ship either side. Maybe it's the delayed or lag from the server but still I'll get shot from the enemy allied ships before I can visibly see the opponent (not fair T_T) Perhaps you guys can try and see. Welcome to those to discuss in this topic if the face the same problem. Thanks
  6. gunhero

    DD Detection Range Problem

    Thanks a lot guys for the reply. Will try it out few times in the battle and get more info (and prove) about this thing.
  7. gunhero

    DD Detection Range Problem

    So it's only original ship status but not skill and module is not add up and display in the status chart? I remember my own status was all included (skill, module and camo)
  8. gunhero

    DD Detection Range Problem

    Yes I know but isn't it already included in the status chart while the game getting prep?
  9. Hi fellow captains, I've encounter some problem in the game about detection range. While the game getting prepared for all players to get ready, usually I'll browse through the opposite team to compare the status of my ship with them. Problem is when I see my DD detection range is the lowest in the game and one of the opposite team DD also have the level of detection range with me (after both side are ready). But in game, I always get detected 1st and I can't detect the opposite DD which have the same detection level with me. Only detect it after a few seconds later which I'll get pounded very hard by opposite team by then. Is this a bug or there is some skill to reduce detection level when the game starts. Please advise Thank you.
  10. Didn't manage to get the Haguro. 3000 ribbons for the last mission and all the previous missions, its hard for players which simply don't have much free time to play. Hope WG will come out another challenge for Haguro. Hope it could be a more reasonable criteria to get the ship.
  11. gunhero

    [BUG] Majority of UI Sounds missing

    I encounter no sound at all after client update 0.5.4. WG please fix the bug