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  1. Ashella

    RN Normal Container OP

    wow, that... sure is something...
  2. Ashella

    RDF - Have you ever regretted taking it?

    Have to admit that it is very useful, at least I know where to turn my guns, and where the enemy torpedoes will come from, in the smoke
  3. Ashella

    RN Normal Container OP

    Only got Icarus and Acasta so far, but it's better than nothing
  4. Ashella

    Super Container Amazing

    Yeppp. Not bad. (This is from the 3 Years Anniversary Collection, thanks Wargaming.)
  5. Ashella

    Happy Anniversary

    Happy Anniversary
  6. Ashella

    Triple Bonus from Wargaming

    Guess that 100% bonus = no doubloons in our account.
  7. Ashella

    Super Container Amazing

    Good luck my friend
  8. Ashella

    Super Container Amazing

    Got this, about 1 month ago
  9. Ashella

    Triple Bonus from Wargaming

    :( poor you... And, on the other hand, this is a good offer for players who can't spend much money like me, but they (Wargaming) didn't made it clear that if we have some doubloons left in our account, the amount of bonus will be decreased, and the nearest bank is about 3km away. Not gonna triggered or something, but now I have to play some ranked battles, get those doubloons to buy Atlanta, what a pain. *sigh*
  10. Ashella

    Triple Bonus from Wargaming

    Well bought 3000 doubloons bundle (meanwhile, I have 25 dbl left from ranked battle, or something), and got this as my gift. Pretty sure this is 200% that they said, right?
  11. Ashella

    Azur Lane Collaboration

    Need some St.Louis :'>
  12. Ashella

    Signal Flag Contest # 2

    :sad: Now I know why the ocean is salty :cry: :sob:
  13. Ashella

    how do you play ijn bb

    Um... ram an enemy ship, and say "Banzai"?
  14. Ashella

    Will Missouri be gone forever?

    Sell a Tier IX ship? lol
  15. Ashella

    Lunar new year event

    They should use this instead.