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  1. Fraxinus_AI

    Top Sekret WG Plan and Balans re-explained

    I'm okay with the idea that making players to play the some old ships (but some of the ships are really bad or not really comfort to play.. ex: Seattle and the Khabo line) Just think of some ships with the upgrades.. Shima, Harugumo, Yamato, Conqueror, Kermlin, and more other ships Some of the ships are balanced by having long reload time or bad dispersion and now they become accurate or super accurate, spamming more HE and trops So what do you want to do? having T10+++ melting down the T8 stock or T6+++ vs T4 Stock? nerf the ships that are too op after the upgrade and making the players did not have the upgrade become more uncomfortable? beside having these stuff now, make the legendary upgrade become usable for some ships... - rip worcester got radar nerf and legendary upgrade make it become more worst - shima's -80% torpedo tube traverse speed... and more I believe... also the IFHE change is also questionable... DD+IFHE? or Atlanta+IFHE?
  2. Fraxinus_AI

    Coal ship: Jean Bart or USS Georgia

    I'll give Georgia a vote, Secondary build is fun, damage per round for the main is also better and able to pen 27mm not sure about the credit earn.. might test it these days in this case since both of them cannot pen 32mm I believe JB will be better, Georgia's 15750*6 cannot kill musashi in one round while JB has the reload boost to kill musashi in shorter time (if musashi is stupid enough to show her board side)
  3. Fraxinus_AI

    MM needs fixing ASAP

    yep.. whenever people complain about system (any system..), always try to think in this way but it might be better to do some calculation rather than random...
  4. Fraxinus_AI

    New event ROGUE WAVE missions are too ‘hard'

    not really hard but wasting LOTS OF TIME... 380 tokens now... finished all of the mission without paying any money (for now...) haven't done the mission started and for today yet
  5. Fraxinus_AI

    Anyone got these problems as well?

    not sure, I have this problem about 6 hours ago but there isn't any update during that time.. probably internet's problem (someone in other Chinese forum said he/she change the ISP and the problem is solved) or WG server setting's problem.
  6. Fraxinus_AI

    Anyone got these problems as well?

    having same problem... still be able to login and play (I just click the play button and it start the game normally)
  7. I came back to play last year, so not very sure about the nerf of IJN DD and the other ships that come out after the russian DD/ german CA. But I can see that german dd have the same problem too. WG should spend some time to re-balance ships from different region when they release every 2 or 3 of them
  8. I think the idea of khabo is ok , but the IJN/RN gun boat grab khabo's role. What khabo left is her armor and speed but having about 3km longer concealment than those gun boats...
  9. I think the problem of standard is caused by the game mode, when the game just released, there is draw and cap is not that important. But now, if team not getting cap they might lose because they lost all their points / the other team finish the win condition of point/ lose at the end because having less point. due to this, Khabo cannot really help her team effectually as the other DDs do when there is only one or two DD(s).
  10. that will be very [content removed] but it may be fun if there is special game mode for these kind of ships(?
  11. Fraxinus_AI


    其實偵查傷害幾乎沒經驗... 之前10多萬甚至20萬偵查傷 也是排在中間甚至後面 這主要的經驗來源真的都是佔點 而且還是獨自佔領
  12. Fraxinus_AI


    這問題其實不大... 低階打高階有額外經驗加成 絕大多數的-2階低階船可以對高階船造成傷害 而且改了之後反而會有很多問題... 同階玩家不一定足夠 你想要排一場排5分鐘的話我也認了... (+-1的低階場 我之前排5分鐘後強制進場 兩邊各3人) 某些船太強勢 尤其是部分停售金船 (T9 武藏, T7 亞特蘭大, T7 貝爾法斯特, T6伊莉莎白女王系列) 當然 這些船也只是舉例 也有更多船有類似的狀況 空母沒有奇數階級 船的多樣性(?) 然後其他戰爭類遊戲... 其實很多戰爭類遊戲也有類似的機制 只是不像WOWS讓人感覺到低階船那麼無力就是了
  13. yeah agree. I think russian DD need higher skill level to play it well or to do things in games, unlike other DDs, if player do not know how to play, they can just spam trops and HE from some safe places and might still able to do some work (but really dislike players playing DD only use trops and stay away from enemy more than 10km.. which most of the bad shima player do)
  14. same with kitakaze although I really think akizuki and kita also need to get the nerf or remove the buff of AP damage reduce
  15. I personally not a Khabo player, i own the ship but I don't really play it, so might just be my skill is not that good. I play IJN DD more (both of shima and haru) so I kind of know how khabo face IJN DD would be. Comparing to haru: Is there big difference in range between 13.5 and 12.6? both of them have bad rudder, for guns... 4x2 130mm vs 5x2 100mm (1900dmg vs 1200dmg / 4sec with no legendary upgrade vs 2.6sec) khabo even have lower health point (I know she gets heal but you don't heal during the whole fight and 3640hp just make them to become about even) concealment 9.7km vs 7.6km haru can go down to 6.1km which is just about the german DD but about 0.5km larger to the others but how about khabo? Yes. khabo has better speed and armor I would not deny that. dodging the attacks? yes but I also believe you can do it better with mino / henri and other DDs. To say if a boat is strong or not, we might need test it by player in average skill level, the ideal situation does not always happen. I've seen some khabo players that do well in the game, but her exp is still quite low, which means in WG's system she did not do that well as we think.