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  1. Barry__Crocker

    Highest discriminated server SEA?

    I have enough problems with Ping though already! Spent far too much here as well to start all over again.
  2. Barry__Crocker

    Highest discriminated server SEA?

    Yes i do. Do i think that's a good idea probably not. I am not talking about Leng here now specifically but i would prefer to watch a CC that is not so closely linked to Wargaming and can be more critical of them or objective. I mean streamers like Flamu or Sirfoch in tanks that are asking the questions i want asked. Have seen a few new streamers from Asia though recently and hopefully they can build up viewers and show the other servers some positives of our server.
  3. Barry__Crocker

    Highest discriminated server SEA?

    I am not asking for anything for free from any player. I put my own hard earned money into it. I don't know where you are getting that idea from? My whole point was and is communication and contact from Wargaming Asia is lacking compared to other servers. An example of the giveaways from CC's i mean wargaming flag packs and promo codes from Wargaming. LenG has done a few which is great but should be more of the streams done with Comunity staff from Wargaming like Mr Conway in Europe and Quemapueolos in Na.
  4. Barry__Crocker

    Highest discriminated server SEA?

    My point is other servers have alot more active Comunity Managers and also CC's doing more giveaways and also Q and A's which i find very interesting as well. I know we had recently an interview with Sub Octavian which was great and should be more of that sort of thing. As for me being a CC i have 4 young children at home alot of the time so don't think anyone would enjoy listening to that on a stream!
  5. Barry__Crocker

    Highest discriminated server SEA?

    I totally agree with you Boom. I watch alot of Twitch and other servers have alot more CC's that do give aways. Also i know all the others servers Comunity managers but not even sure who ours is because i have never heard from them. Think it is IJN_Atago is this right?
  6. Yes it was a good game and surprisingly close at the end. Was a lucky Kraken though for me as most of the kills were low health DD's. Not a bad first game in the Charles Martel though. What was even better to see though was your message after the game complimenting myself and my div mate for a good game. Much too rare to see. In our clan we always try to compliment good play and espically good sporstmanship as well. Well played and good luck on the fair seas.
  7. <content removed> Naming and Shaming. Post Edited. User Warned. ~ADM_dude
  8. Barry__Crocker

    Taskforce44 - Sign Up Here!

    Hey guys am keen to join as well. Have added my name to your channel,think i have anyways! Am a very average player but love the game and keen to play some division as i need all the help i can get.