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  1. Hidamari_Rhodonite

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Totally random SC from daily more flags option
  2. Hidamari_Rhodonite

    Is it worth coming back?

    No , you see that SS?
  3. Hidamari_Rhodonite

    Increase in the number of Compliments and Reports allowed

    22 reports a day.... can use them all only in Ranked LOL
  4. Hidamari_Rhodonite

    Wargaming leave Russia and Belarus

    then where is WG headquarter now?
  5. Hidamari_Rhodonite

    [content removed] is it with CVs now?

    Try to Dodge LOL
  6. Hidamari_Rhodonite

    [content removed] is it with CVs now?

    if you think it's not fun then stop playing , these good players spend their time to practice and suffer from something that you don't know . It's fair enough. Gitgud
  7. Hidamari_Rhodonite

    Light House Auction Summary

    25M for the flag
  8. Hidamari_Rhodonite

    3 more New ships are in Horizon!

    Mega Mino?!
  9. YESSSSSSSS , I noob : ( how to Daring
  10. Hidamari_Rhodonite

    Sick of these OP ships ruining Coop

    CO-OP is a dmg race , it's PVP unless you are lucky enough to get in a bot only match
  11. when I am the noobest in the team
  12. Hidamari_Rhodonite

    What is this thing I killed?

    stats turn to purple
  13. Hidamari_Rhodonite

    Santa Container Drops (Post your luck)

    ~12000HKD to get all ships in the list