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  1. Sapperskill

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.10

    On occasion the ship names and health disappear. Makes it hard to find ships.
  2. Sapperskill

    Ranked Sprint cannot do Division

    Ended up working but only AFTER doing a random game with division.
  3. Hi All, A buddy and I tried to play in a division in the current ranked sprint. Game would only allow us to do Random battles though. Div comander screen shows ranked but my buddies screen showed Random and enter battle took us to a random battle. Anyone else seen this or have a fix?
  4. Sapperskill

    What is server overload?

    It is just not good enough Wargaming ! There is a time limit here for the PR. Maybe Wargaming will drop the price of 15000 doubloons to buy the PR even if you are only 1 short of the 51300000 required.
  5. Sapperskill

    Nerfing coal chance from resource containers

    I have definately noticed the same. On the good side though i seem to be getting more 500 free XP drops. Both are handy.