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  1. It sort of is. The British had a lot of experience with naval combat and ship building and their industry was not ravaged by WWI. By the same logic, Japanese battleships were also very good.
  2. hbogyt

    Unrealistic Gameplay

    Well if you're a cruiser, you can just pretend you're being shot at all the time and keep zig-zagging.
  3. At least the OPness is historically accurate. HE fire setting, not so much.
  4. hbogyt

    Unrealistic Gameplay

    Yes, if it is historically accurate.
  5. hbogyt

    Unrealistic Gameplay

    This is supposed to be a combat game, but realism has been sacrificed in an attempt to make every ship class viable. I am most frustrated with: Visible shell trajectories which allow CAs and DDs easily dodge them. Torpedo arm time too short, which allows torpedo bombers to drop at point blank range and still hit me. Also, while we're on the topic of torpedo bombers, AA damage should scale up exponentially with increasing proximity to the ship. HE shells light ships on fire too easily and for too long. There aren't that many flammable objects on the deck of a ship for god's sakes. Warships didn't get lit on fire that often historically. Firing from within smoke. This shouldn't be allowed. If you're in smoke, you should lose all vision of enemies, including shared vision.