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  1. 大家好,我是turtlepaper,主玩日本驅逐艦。通常在巴哈活動,陽炎神教系列作者。目前正在進行一個聯署計畫。 首先,我並不把要求WG改數據為優先,而是列為附加的終極目標 我的想法是,為何要先立定目標要求別人而非先自己做些甚麼,再問問別人要不要+1? 請恕我直接援引巴哈的內容。 原文網址:http://forum.gamer.com.tw/C.php?bsn=21052&snA=6016&locked=F&page=1&gothis=28280#28280 對的,相信很多人的橫須賀港裡有了第三隻金剛,不得不說這次ARP做得不是很好並岌岌可危,甚至似乎提早派出了IONA救援。這不管是WG粉/蒼剛粉/艦C粉都很不願意見到的吧。除非你很希望一年後他們變成1000K銀幣,請看看下文。 (一)ARP的困境 1.ARP的困境就在於主要角色中,為與遊戲較不相容的伊400型潛水艦,但其擁有大量戲份的主要角色卻落在四艘金剛級戰艦/四艘妙高級重巡洋艦與一艘高雄級重巡洋艦上(當然也有長門級、伊勢級、大和型戰艦,但不得不說前者的戲份與比例之大。造成這波活動出現了四艘金剛級與一艘妙高級的困境(甚至傳出又會有一艘妙高級的謠言) 2.然而,WG賦予ARP艦與一般船艦完全相同的能力,使得許多人認為,那麼多同型艦擺放在港口根本沒意義,甚至沒有辦法使用日本艦長與迷彩,使得有人認為根本是弱化版,不如自己裝模組。由其以歐美地區反彈最大,認為這是浪費時間的企劃(其餘不贅述)。相信許多喜歡或者接受ARP活動的人是一大消沉,特別是當初投注大量心力在ARP活動上的。但儘管用愛在開,對於上術缺陷也事遺憾,但我們更不希望ARP船變成少少的銀幣補家。 (二)構想 1.改變一個高權地位的決策有兩種方式,第一種是抗爭,這是最直接有效的影響決策,但我們今天看到的,的確有影響,但卻是WG:"一年後可能做並刪除檔案"。另一種方式,是大量的人改變自己的作法,有點像奉承,但卻以此種方式讓決策者將就或說順從。 2.會有如此想法是因為版上有人提到,最近自己在新練習CV也有發現,ARP霧島的AA似乎比ARP金剛高,數值應當一樣。所以推測是因為金剛副砲不高,在加上053版時AA被NERF,使得ARP金剛的技能點法多數為最穩定的一般中庸型。但當大家拿到ARP霧島時為了與前一艘金剛型作出區別,不約而同點選了第二穩定的防空特化型。於是我就想,何不WOWS的玩家大量集體性的讓同級各艘ARP擁有特定的特化? 3.改變點 (1)現階段造成4艘ARP金剛級的個別特色,使得在戰場上大家有種默契或直覺產生(如ARP霧島就是防空艦,CV不要放優先順位)這不會沒用,因為至少玩家自身的矛盾會優先被舒緩 (2)同時也希望聯署概念能夠船達到歐美,消除抵制風氣,讓企劃延續,說不定會有更多艦艇加入 (3)最終目標,讓WG意識到這件是,首先大數據的改變和討論的風聲都能傳達到WG那裡。說不定WG會因此賦予各艦"特色"除了船體數值,更甚至於特用消耗品/升級品。這些根本不指望WG主動給,需要我們玩家先主動做。 (三)內容 1.以發放活動順序來配用各種技能/升銷品 2.目前暫定順序是ARP金剛/霧島/榛名/比睿 3.以下為要式特化,而括號內為建議選項 ARP金剛級 1ST 金剛 一般型(損管特化) 艦長技:1-3/(2-3)/3-3/(4-3)/(5-6) 升級品:射控改1/損管改1 2ND霧島 防空特化 艦長技:1-2/4-2or4-6 升級品:防空改2/(操舵改1) 3RD(榛名) 副砲特化 艦長技:1-2/4-2/5-2 升級品:副砲改2 4TH(比睿) 機動/搜索特化 艦長技:1-4/(2-4)/3-4/5-4 升級品(主砲改2)/操舵改1 ARP妙高型(暫列) 1ST妙高 一般型 艦長技1-4/2-1/2-4 升級品(待補) 2ND(暫羽黑) 防空型 待補 3RD 隱蔽搜索型 待補 4TH 副砲型? (四)結論 1.承上,還是希望先得到巴友支持,並且先轉至PTT/FB/WG論壇等國內WOWS主要討論區 2.這個計畫自不量力,但眾志成城,希望能凝聚大家心聲改變WG 3.還有許多細節,希望能夠請大家參予討論補充 4.這計畫其實希望外國也能參予,希望有人能一起參予翻譯並轉往外國各大論壇(當然先等本地先有共識) 5.最後,我是認真的並誠摯邀請大家參予(順便召喚SS) 此外,本人語文能力有限,如果反應正面,希望能夠翻譯成其他語言並轉往他國論壇。但本人最多能翻譯日語,而且也十分吃力。希望有翻譯能力的熱情朋友能幫上一把(請與我聯絡)。
  2. turtlepaper


    Well, can we finish our discussion before you warn me out and I can’t reply? And im lending the others account, please be polite not to do bad things on him. Firstly, lets talk about IJN CV in DEPTH, in SEA server, at least for the TW and China community, the IJN CV in higher tier was totally shifted from “doing damage” into “scouting+dd hunting” when or before Mikhail was finally implement into the game, which having an aa stats like the 3/4 DM now, where a midway can’t perform an attack when Mikhail pressed barrage skill.I can agree that Midway is op before this patch, but not essex, a well played taiho can rekt essex with many different ways(only considering the skill caliber, without counting any other supreme CA air defense like DM), while to midway, table turns, since the rng which included in the plane drop formula, it is very hard to defend a midway attacking squad even with 422 hakuryu, that’s no doubt. However, it is not about the aa value, just the rng itself + USN CV having 6 planes in one squad making the first plane too hard to drop in the current formula. So, what to do next? Obvious one is change the aa formula itself not to that much RNG basis, right?But what WG is now implementing is, Changing the formula into MORE rng basis since you won’t have the plane drop as if you are lucky enough before, but now it capped to 100% it drop, so the expected value of the planes actual health has been decreased by a great amount, both IJN and USN. Not only that, now WG make a higher aa defense on t10 right? And with the captain skills that improving those single target aa effectiveness, A GOOD COORDINATED(sry for caps I don’t know if you see this) team of ca’s can actually rekt those plane squad with the unbalanced power they have been given in this patch.I have been always saying GOOD and COORDINATED in my post, since you need to know the extreme situation is, I was having one taiho game i can hardly do 60k damage in a lower skill player game with 4 mikhails, where I have nearly next to no impactful move in that mid-game since the 4 mikhails are actually in the centre of the ships and now every ca turns into the Mikhail-like aa, and without the urge to bring sonar in the first place, you can consider they have upgraded their aa to a certain amount solely from barrage skills+captain skills, even IJN CAs, the CA having worst AA throughout the time(RIP Hindenburg, I forget you since I didn’t see u, missing u)When you implement those kind of single AA power, do you think of the original job for cv is to killing those ship who is alone, and now, an alone DM can easily destroy the planes, and zao? And Hindenburg? So you want every ca just rekt CV just because they are provided to do so? Or u want CV delayed their first attack? I am very curious about this thus I say I want to know about the path change.If CV is having no impactful damage like shima’s torp, BB citadel. It turns to be a support-like play style like what ca’s current state is. You didn’t compensate on what the ft can provide, or is the scouting meta now is ok and let players feel they are included in the game?Be remember, CV doing 80k damage on paper doesn’t mean they do many “impact”, most of them are junk data, if a cv having no impact damage-wise in early to mid-late game, and rely only on their team to do damage for them, why playing CV if you can't control your win in more than 20%(roughly, WG keep nerfing to 95% to maybe 20% in 0.5.2, should be lower) of your high skill caliber game, why taking this RTS very serious and tryhard but not getting the right amount of reward?(even LOL support having better damage than their adcs in early game) Yeah I know I shouldn’t compare the other game but now, CV contribution on a win/lose game is not only base on how they played, but including those aa mechanics. When a team having overwhelming aas, CV is next to no impact at all.(alright why midway op is, she can still do things even when those overwhelming aa affecting)Talking about midway, the first thing I touch is the massive db speed buff + loadout changed, and I was afraid only this change, which buffs midway in a lot of sense. But I found that I am very very wrong since the aa now are exponentially increase through T4-T10 while the planes hp didn’t change at all throughout the tiers. No offense but when you adding that much aa power into the ship, is it better to buff a bit he damage to the aa facilities or increasing the plane health a bit? It is quite a joke that hakuryu playing in a 211 or 411 mode and midway playing in 111/211 mode is having more reward, people can now force the cv’s target, make the CV frustrated throughout the game, so many different things that can come up in my brain now that can completely shut down a CV except in the large map 3-point domination mode, which may not be true even if the largest map like LoF now. So why you need to controlling that much of squads? Or maybe just for those FT targeting? Or ca targeting?And now DD having those aa++++++ buff too that can rekt a shoukaku squad with fubuki b ship(not even an typical aa-dd ship). When it is that hard to attack even a most possible target, (yeah I know deleting dd in 0.5.2 is too easy if the dd captain aren’t skillful), what’s left for CV to impact?I am very welcome if you know Chinese and wanna discuss further, please come bahamut and I will discuss with u, but in Chinese, since my grammar is too broken in many sense. Sry for the flame stuff but I hope you can really think more in depth before talking about midway/essex is op because of 2 TB squadron, which never a true statement for a cv main player(at least for me).