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  1. BottleneckedGaming

    I don't care about anime stuff

    Finally someone I could totally agree
  2. BottleneckedGaming

    Once upon a time, at my port...

    "Dry dock", says WG Premium time, and see the underside of your boat, why not?
  3. BottleneckedGaming


    https://thedailybounce.net/2017/07/25/world-of-warships-supertest-0-6-9-info-3/ From what I see, it returned to internal testing Looks like WG is trapping themselves in the dead end. They just keep thinking about shooting in the smoke (which ships don't always do), and why not think of simply the process of sitting in the smoke itself? Bring back the IJN DDs, at least they have to have something powerful Main IJN DD branch has crap guns already, AA is for sure useful for 1 or 2 planes down, armor and HP is no excuse, top speed is subpar though rudder shift is decent The only thing good about IJN DDs those days were torpedoes... now they're gone, why keep playing them again?
  4. BottleneckedGaming

    Ranked Season 7 Attendance

    Seriously, I decided this rank season was a thrown away In T6 we're seeing several potent ships, but none of them can go outstanding even in the greatest hands It's super... boring, to see that whenever you think you're going to win, you are. And vice versa. Same rules apply for any flanks, not just the games
  5. BottleneckedGaming


    Fun fact: WG doesn't nerf premium ships Reason? I think due to fair advertising rules at EU maybe, which says stuff you advertise must be as good as you say And if they cant nerf on EU they cant nerf anywhere else
  6. BottleneckedGaming


    Here, for everyone who wants to know what Noster is frustrated about Pretty much all of the points we discussed - smoke camping, Belfast, unexplained IJN DD nerf,... are in this video as well
  7. BottleneckedGaming

    Tashkent is trash.

    Strongly agree, especially with that Russian detection range And they give us 11 km (such a "long" range), so long that we get detected miles away without being able to return fire? Oh and also superb torpedobeat skills can be learned with stock hull - you play it for once, you remember it forever Well - to be straight, even with upgraded hull it's still lengthy, not to mention with stock hull, which made Tashkent no more maneuverable than a cruiser
  8. BottleneckedGaming


    Why remove smoke when you can return (yes I'm talking to the devs) one of the most outstanding features of the game when it was released? Why you have to use a ton of ways why not work with a super simple one: Torpedoes Back in those days, you camp in smoke at one place, you see metal fishes, BOOM! Get back to port, son And now? Really, giving us Belfast is the best ******* idea ever. You got smoke, you got Hydro, you got Radar, and you don't have to ******* (guess you know that word now) choose to sacrifice any of them. What if there's a BB in smoke and Belfast comes in? BB gets free damage, of course What if DD sits in smoke and Belfast comes in? Free damage for the "premium" guy But, (not a what if), think of those good 5.x days, you don't even care what's the thing sitting in the smoke, you don't think any DDs are nearby (when it's a yes) and he launches metal fishes at you, you're dead. Staying in smoke for too long (or not constantly swapping position in smoke) and you offer the guys free damage. And you bring back one of the most favored lines especially on this server, why not??
  9. BottleneckedGaming

    The Free XP Premium Ship Experiment

    As far as I've known, Missouri a.k.a #63 was released as for WG to experiment whether players liked the idea of "buying" premium ships using Free XP. Does anyone know whether WG is continuing to work with this idea, still assessing data or have abandoned it already. if they find this idea a good one, are there any ships that are planned to be released this way?
  10. BottleneckedGaming

    PC Specs Survey / Build Gallery / Tech Support Corner

    lol he has a laptop and ofc he's not going to have an eGPU
  11. BottleneckedGaming

    Recovering WG account

    As far as I've seen, some people did purchase stuff, but just... not all of them :x
  12. BottleneckedGaming

    PC Specs Survey / Build Gallery / Tech Support Corner

    My bro uses Intel HD 620 But why does he gets on average 20-25 FPS (with all latest drivers installed)? Any ideas? Or because he has single channel RAM?
  13. BottleneckedGaming

    Recovering WG account

    Hello guys, This issue has been around for quite a while, as I've noticed from messages that people sent to a page I run. If you accidentally linked your WG account into a phone number you stopped using, and the only way I knew so far is to "receive a message" that is sent to your lost phone number. Are there any ways we can get back our accounts that fall into the same situation?
  14. BottleneckedGaming

    Performance drop when lowering settings

    how much should I allocate before things start to break down? and I've set power to max performance already
  15. BottleneckedGaming

    Performance drop when lowering settings

    1. Dynamic Switching isn't available when there's only 1 GPU in the system 2. My CPU temps were fine (below 80c) 3. Yes I did (and still doesn't work) Well in this case it didn't :/